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Unveiling the Most Romantic Spots & Tips

In collaboration with TWIG’s partners: Relationship Coach and Matchmaker Dua Hanel of Feminine Foundations, super traveler Betty Steinhauer, and TWIG’s wonderful members: Marieke, Ivonne, Geo and Nate.

Love isn’t always easy but, when two people consciously pair to make a team, it can create a unique bond that can brace any challenge and generate a lot of fun adventures!

Relationships are like flowers; they need to be watered if they are to grow. We water our relationships with patience, clear communication, honesty, and loving actions.

In this guide you will learn how to:

💖 Attract love if you’re single

💖 Nourish your relationship if you’re coupled

💖 Take a journey through the most romantic restaurants, bars, activities in beautiful Guadalajara and its surrounding.

💖 Ideas for a perfect date

💖 Couple creative workshops

💖 Not to forget romantic getaways from GDL and international trips.

Any of these suggestions are equally good to apply on yourself, if you prefer life on your own terms.

Cheers to love without which we cannot truly feel happy! 💖

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