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And How to Get There


The beautiful city of Guadalajara is known for its contrast of modern skyscrapers mixed with traditional markets and neighborhoods. Although our big city of 5 million habitants has a village feel, sometimes we simply need to get away from city life and the hassle of traffic.

Close your eyes and imagine. You are walking in the sunshine under a blue sky. On one side are gorgeous green palm trees, on the other the turquoise of the Pacific Ocean. And you’re walking bare feet in powdery and silky soft sand.

Now, let’s see how to get there from Guadalajara. From the quiet lesser-known beaches to the jet set party lifestyle ones, here are the closest and most interesting beach getaways, with their pros and cons.

PS: There is no beach less than 250 kilometers (160 miles) from Guadalajara. There are two routes that you can take to reach the closest beaches. You can either head south to reach the state of Colima or go northwest until you reach the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. And whatever driving time we give you, prepare to multiply it by two if you encounter an accident on the road.

Transportations Tips:

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