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A Wine Lover's Must Know Guide to the City's Best Wineries, Stores, and Events

Attention wine enthusiasts! 🍷✨

You know the saying “Life is too short to drink bad wines.

Even though wine is not usually associated with Mexican culture, this drink has a vast history in the Mexican territory and Guadalajara’s wine scene has exploded these last few years. Today you can find wonderful wine bars, events, stores and driving distance wineries, each one with its own concept and identity. And overall, great wines!

In this guide you will discover:

🍇 Guadalajara's driving distance wineries

🍇 Best wine bars & wine tastings in GDL

🍇 Best wine stores

🍇 Best times to buy wines

🍇 Top yearly wine events in Guadalajara

🍇 Mexico’s wine culture

🍇 Wine lovers’ social groups

🍇 Best restaurants with wine cellar

BTW, do you know what is a wine enthusiast called? Oenophile. Simply put, an oenophile (pronounced “ee-nuh-file”) is someone who loves wine. This person likely considers themselves a wine enthusiast, passionate about a good bottle of wine but without any formal training.

As with all our editorials, TWIG will continue updating our recommendations as we find new hidden gems. We've got your back so you can live your best life in beautiful Guadalajara!

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