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Revealing the 2024 Roster of Trustworthy Professionals

Guadalajara is a vast city of 5 millions habitants. It's not easy to know who to hire when you need help. That's why TWIG has compiled a one-of-a-kind list in 30+ categories (Doctors, dentists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, private drivers, lawyers, handymen, electricians and so much more).

Henry Ford once said, "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

This list is by far TWIG's most used and loved editorial. You’ve got to download the 2024 version. And as with everything we do at TWIG, it will be updated regularly to always be fresh and super useful.

Now you can go to bed knowing that most of the challenges of living in Guadalajara can be overcome with preparation, knowledge, and TWIG by your side. 

In this guide you will discover:

✨ The top 2 recommendations in 30+ categories of need (from doctors to electricians)

✨ Professionals you can rely on. They show up. They communicate well.

✨ Professionals with knowledge. They know their craft.

✨ Professionals with work ethics. If they make a mistake, they will correct it.

✨ Bilinguals professionals (ENG/SPA) for the most part.

✨ Professionals that are partners of TWIG and must remain highly professional to continue working with us. TWIG and its partners carry similar high standards.

BONUS: Many professionals in our guide offer a special discount or gift to TWIG's members. This in itself covers more than the small fee of $200 MXN.

We want you to live your best and safest life in beautiful GDL. If you disagree with one of our recommendations and experience an issue, contact the TWIG team and we will help you resolve it amicably. See our Google reviews!

TWIG always has the back of its members and partners!

Instructions to Download this Magical Experience Itinerary:

  1. Click on the "SUBSCRIBE" button on the bottom of the page

  2. Select the option that suits you

  3. Once subscribed, return to this exact page and you will be able to see the file to print or download at the bottom of the page

  4. Our Magical Experience itinerary is updated as we receive more info. Make sure to check regularly for the latest version to be up to date! (Once subscribed you can access all the updated versions at no extra cost.)

See SAMPLE. The full list is 41 pages and we are currently posting Version 2

Scroll down the page to SUBSCRIBE!

If you're already a TWIG "Supporter" or "All-Access" member, it is already included in your subscription so no need to re-subscribe). Otherwise it is only $200 MXN for use of unlimited update versions. A very small fee for months of extensive research from the TWIG Team.

What our VIP Subscribers say: "You folks have done a FABULOUS job and I am really happy I subscribed. You literally have taken hours of homework and condensed it all together in different pages. Well done!!!!! ~ Pablo Gabriel"

Gorgeous and gracefully designed, this guide makes it easy for the eye and heart to take in the full abundance of Christmas festivities in Guadalajara.” - Beth Mehin

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