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Top Dining Recommendations for All Budgets

Handpicked by the city's renowned private chefs - Casa Humo, Speakeasy Cocina & Chef Lee.

Attention foodies and culinary enthusiasts! 🌮✨

There's a real advantage of liking a wide variety of food and being adventurous. Foodies seem to have a lot more fun in life and eat healthier. A foodie is defined as someone who has a refined interest in food. They don't just eat food out of necessity, but also due to their invested interest. To a foodie, food is an art.

Do you know that there are 5 benefits of enjoying your food?

  • tasting the flavors

  • being open to trying new foods

  • developing a healthy attitude about food

  • socializing at mealtime

  • enjoying cooking and shopping for food

Guadalajara is the birthplace of such pillars of Mexican food culture as birria and tequila and is without a doubt one of the best food cities in Mexico. Its culinary landscape is filled with time-honored ancestral recipes and modern takes of native ingredients. For starters, fermented drinks, dishes built on heirloom corn, historic sourdough bread, third-wave coffee, and a sensibility for fresh mariscos inspired by Jalisco's beautiful coast.

We asked TWIG’s culinary partners: Casa Humo, Speakeasy Cocina & Chef Lee what are their favorites! Every recommendation is a gateway to a mesmerizing culinary adventure.

Dive in, indulge, and let Guadalajara's flavors captivate your senses.

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