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Relocation Help

Learn How to Move Smoothly and Easily to Beautiful Guadalajara and Live Your Best Life 

Thinking about moving to beautiful Guadalajara?

The TWIG Team is here for you!

Skip the headaches, the wasted time, and wasting money. Our Guadalajara Relocation Help Service will take the guesswork out of your move and answer all your questions. With our easy-to-follow guide & tailored itinerary, you’ll have a smooth transition to your new life in Guadalajara, or evaluate if Guadalajara is right for you or not.

See our multiple 5* Google reviews!

Read our report Pros & Cons of Living in GDL.

See Armelle's Interview by Mexico Relocation Guide

Get access to all our trusted contacts in Guadalajara

We help hundreds of expats make the move to Guadalajara- the right way! We know it all- the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to immigration, real estate agents, healthcare and other professionals in Guadalajara. We help you avoid these costly mistakes by giving you access to our recommended contacts in Guadalajara.


For example, we’ve seen many people overpaying by thousands of dollars for a residency visa, who paid double for health insurance, and who were taken advantage of in real estate transactions.


All of it can be avoided if you know better and use our network of trusted professionals!


We connect you with the right lawyer to answer all your immigration, family laws,  will, and business questions. at a fair price. You don’t want to get this wrong!


We connect you with Guadalajara's most knowledgeable private school expert to help you find the right school and know the politics and background behind each establishments. 


Detailed information about your residency visa options in Mexico, and how to make sure you don’t make costly mistakes.


We will help you connect with others wonderful expats so you never feel lonely in Guadalajara.


We connect you with Guadalajara's best Medical Concierge to answer all your medical, and health insurance questions. 

We want you healthy and safe moving here.


We connect you with the two best bilingual  real estate agents you can trust to help you find the perfect home to rent or buy.


We help you understand the Mexican banking system, taxes, accounting, and figure out the best ways to transfer your money.


We help you learn how to start a business in Mexico, how to be eligible to work or find a job remotely.

Or retire :)

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


The excellence of TWIG team can not be overstated. In our imperfect world, they are one of the few teams comprised of individuals who come as close as humanly possible to perfection. — Multifaceted Knowledge — TRUSTworthiness & Fairness — Local Streetwise Savvyness & Pragmatism — International Cultural Influences — Intellectual, yet "Down to Earth", & FUN! — Deep Empathy & Kindness — Networking & Inspiration I and my family came to GDL to see whether we can make a better life here part-time for needy family members with very real, serious concerns including health & finances. They helped us make the most of a challenging situation.... And even though our circumstances limited our ability on this occasion to enjoy all the benefits of their myriad entertainment & practical offerings, we managed to not only improve some very serious challenges but also to ENJOY unforgettable beautiful moments...and even forge sincere new friendships. I wholeheartedly recommend working with TWIG 1000%.

~ Lily & Family (August 10, 2023)

Get our Relocation Package

$350 USD ($6,100 MXN) includes:

  • A full private day (9am - 5 pm) with one of our bilingual guides.

  • A 3 day DIY itinerary of Guadalajara to get a clear vision of the City (where to go, what to see, where to consider living, where to eat).

  • Our Welcome to Guadalajara (a $99 USD value).

  • A one year TWIG Membership (a $2,040 MXN value).

  • Our Best of Guadalajara List (a $200 MXN value)

  • Direct contact with our founders, Armelle & Nidia on WhatsApp or Messenger for questions and support, up to 2 hours over the time of our collaboration :)

  • Setting-Up the meetings you need with any of the bilingual professionals we work with: Top lawyer, real estate agent, CPA, Tax person, Medical Concierge, or School Expert to answer all your questions. Whatever you may need! (Their consultation fees are not included in this package.)

  • A coffee or glass of wine with the creators of TWIG, at our headquarter (if in town).

Get our Welcome Guide only

$99 USD ($2,100 MXN) includes:

  • Our Welcome to Guadalajara Guide (a $99 USD value).

  • All TWIG's Magical Experiences itineraries (a $500 MXN value).

  • Our Best of Guadalajara List (a $200 MXN value)

  • Direct contact with our founders, Armelle & Nidia on WhatsApp or Messenger for questions and support, up to 1 hour over the time of our collaboration :)

  • This way, you'll get the best tips, list of top bilingual professionals and Magical Experience DIY itineraries of vibrant Guadalajara!

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With TWIG You'll Learn

  • Why Guadalajara is the ideal place to relocate to, if you look for a cosmopolitan high quality life.

  • Access to the Best Immigration Experts around Guadalajara and a guaranteed fair pricing.

  • The best places to live in Guadalajara- based on your lifestyle preference.

  • Get our recommended real estate agents for finding a rental property or buying real estate in Guadalajara- and never overpay. Know what to watch out for regarding safety, water, noise and more.

  • How to Get Your Pets to Guadalajara – with the least stress.

  • How to buy a car in Mexico & how to use public transportation.

  • How to get mail in Guadalajara including Amazon orders.

  • International mover contacts for household goods and cars.

  • The best cell phone companies to use in Guadalajara and essential apps for expats.

  • Recommended Relocation Tours.

  • Taxes in Mexico and Guadalajara.

  • Plus much more…

Why TWIG is Your Partner

We're TWIG, the #1 Guide to vibrant Guadalajara. We know and partner with the best bilingual professionals in Guadalajara on a daily basis, like immigration experts, realtors, healthcare brokers, pet importers, etc... We know and help thousands of expats in Guadalajara.

We are committed to being the expert of Guadalajara. We spent thousands of hours researching the most important topics about moving and loving in Guadalajara. 


Finally, we put it all together in this easy-to-follow package, that it is consistently updated with factual and up-to-date information at no extra charge.

We do not receive any kickbacks, or commissions from the providers we recommend. Instead, we pass on those savings to YOU.

We look forward to working with you!

~ Armelle, Nidia and the TWIG Team

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