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From Movie Festivals to Iconic Films

🎬 Cinema is considered one of the beautiful arts of humanity. Every day, movies make us reflect on the human condition, push us to question our beliefs and values, and allow us to see the world from other perspectives. Through cinema and its wonderful stories we can open our minds to new horizons and thus have a better understanding of the world around us.


And cinema happens to be a passion for many Mexicans, which makes it the fourth country with the most viewers in the world, only surpassed by India, China and the United States.


The film culture in Mexico is very strong. Each person on goes to the cinema 1.4 times a year on average, and the country has long been a hotbed of creative fermentation in movie-making.


In this guide you will discover:

🎥 GDL top film festivals

🎥 Movies shot in Jalisco

🎥 Special cinema venues Guadalajara

🎥 Perfect movie day in GDL (recreating Roman Holiday)

🎥 Guadalajara film locations

🎥 The 30+ must see Mexican films and why

🎥 How to submit your film or screenplay to Mexico’s top festivals


Now, let’s experience the Magic of Movies in Guadalajara!

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