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Your Guide to the 12 Can't-Miss Events

Guadalajara (GDL) is a beautiful cosmopolite city in Mexico, where tradition meets innovation. It’s the Capital of the state of Jalisco, the Silicon Valley of Mexico, and the land of world-famous #mariachi,, #charros, and #Tequila.

Guadalajara has 4 nicknames: Guanatos, La Ciudad de las Rosas (The City of Roses), La Perla Tapatia (La Perle Tapatia), and La Novia de Jalisco (Jalisco's Bride). Which one is your favorite? For the TWIG's members, the definite winner is La Perla Tapatia (La Perle Tapatia).

There is just so much going on in Guadalajara that you can find some interesting entertainment activities just about all year long. However, the best time to visit would be from September to December when you are guaranteed the most incredible festivals and celebrations.

In this guide you will learn:

🌟 The most interesting times to visit Guadalajara

🌟 The most interesting times for your guests to visit you

🌟 How to mark your calendar ahead of time to not miss a thing

That you need to pick a month to visit Guadalajara, or you live here and want to mark your calendar ahead of time for the 12 Can't-Miss Events of the year, our guide is exactly what you need!

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