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Guide to What's Ethical

In collaboration with WIG and TWIG’s Partner Lic. Spencer McMullen

One of few luxuries many foreigners can afford when living in Guadalajara, Mexico, is household help, as it is usually very reasonable.

But it’s important to understand how the system works, so you can make good decisions and treat your household employees ethically and build a wonderful and fair relationship with them.

The information listed on this article are the collaboration of a survey TWIG & WIG (Women in Guadalajara) did together, before being reviewed and completed by TWIG’s preferred lawyer, Lic. Spencer McMullen, who has extensive knowledge in labor laws. Always get professional legal advice as needed.

Now, let TWIG help you navigate the details of hiring helpers in Mexico. Be ready for some surprises and if you currently have household help or are planning to hire one, make sure to read this article in full.

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