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The Essential Guide to Being a Smart Expat

Living abroad is often a wonderful adventure and Guadalajara is an ideal expat destination. You get to create a new life for yourself. But with the excitement comes the challenges of living in a new culture. Most expats face some difficulties at some points, such as communication barriers, feeling homesick or financial mistakes.

Luckily, most of the challenges of living in Guadalajara can be overcome with preparation, knowledge, and TWIG by your side.

What Does it Mean to Be a Smart Expat?

A smart expat knows who the top professionals are, where are the best areas to live, how to make great friends, or how to make the best of their money. They don’t just live in Guadalajara; they build an amazing life for themselves and their loved ones in Mexico’s 2nd biggest city.

Here are the key steps to living as a smart expat in beautiful Guadalajara and avoiding common expat mistakes.

The professionals and services recommended by TWIG are bilingual and highly rated. To our knowledge, they are among the bests at what they do. TWIG does not receive any commission for recommending them. We cannot guarantee that you will agree 100% with all our suggestions and encourage you to do your own due diligence.

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