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The Ultimate Guide to Employment Opportunities in Amazing GDL

You now live in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico. Some of us came here to retire, and others to continue working in a more pleasant environment than where we come from.

Guadalajara made a huge leap in the ’60s when it reached one million inhabitants. Since then, Guadalajara has become the Silicon Valley of Mexico, and earned the reputation as one of the best job training centers in Mexico. The state of Jalisco is the #1 job creator in Mexico since 2018. See more economic data on GDL.

Choosing Guadalajara for your career growth offers a plethora of opportunities in tech sectors like software development, telecommunications, digital marketing, and IT.

In this article, TWIG helps you understand the job market for expats in Guadalajara and provides tips for landing a job or working remotely as an expat in Guadalajara.

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