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And Overcoming Guadalajara's 15 Hurdles

Note: This article is free for all, TWIG members or not!

The recent years have prompted many of us to reassess our priorities and consider new possibilities for our personal and professional lives. If you're seeking a fresh start and contemplating a move, you may be wondering if Guadalajara, Mexico, could be the ideal location for your new home.

Drawing from four years of firsthand experience relocating to the Tapatian Pearl, TWIG presents a carefully crafted guide that distills the essential factors to consider before making the move. This valuable resource is designed to provide invaluable insights and help you navigate the decision-making process with confidence.

In this guide you will learn:

🏡 Guadalajara’s unique propositions

🏡 The many wonders of Guadalajara!

🏡 Why you’ll fall in love with the city

🏡 What makes GDL stand out from other Mexican cities

🏡 How Guadalajara caters to the cultural and leisure needs of its residents

🏡 What kind of lifestyle you can expect when living in Guadalajara

🏡 How GDL fares in terms of safety, healthcare, and education

🏡 Guadalajara’s downsides

🏡 Understanding & navigating GDL’s challenges

Clarity on your personal needs and desires is the key to making informed decisions about your life's direction and where to call home. With a deeper understanding of what matters most to you, you'll be empowered to choose your path with confidence.

Let's dive in and explore the 25 pros and 15 cons to keep in mind before packing up and heading to Guadalajara.

If you are like most people, you rather get the bad news out of the way. According to academic research, 78% of us prefer to hear the bad news first.


1 - Inadequate Enforcement of Codes and Regulations

In stark contrast to the stringent building codes and rigorous enforcement found in the U.S. and other G20 nations, Mexico has a more relaxed approach to building regulations, particularly in older buildings and established neighborhoods. Unlike its counterparts, Mexico has limited mandatory building codes, including those related to fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and accessibility features for individuals with disabilities. This lack of regulation can result in a notable absence of essential safety features and accessible design elements in many buildings.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. When relocating to Guadalajara, it's crucial to work with a knowledgeable and experienced Real Estate agent who has intimate knowledge of the city's best neighborhoods and buildings. This expertise is essential to avoid potential pitfalls and hidden problems when renting or buying a property. To ensure a smooth and successful transition, TWIG has curated a unique and comprehensive 'Best of Guadalajara List', connecting you with top-notch, bilingual professionals who can guide you through the process. Our priority is your safety and well-being, and we're committed to helping you have a positive and stress-free experience in your new home.

  2. Hire a great handyman and add your own fire alarm, monoxide carbon detector and other safety home features. (Also in the “Best of Guadalajara List”)

  3. Choose newer rather than older structures.

  4. Look beyond the beautiful façade.

TWIG's Experience

We hired a bilingual RE Agent, trained in the US, to handle our properties rental and purchase. He made the whole process smooth. We hired a talented knowledgeable interior decorator / architect who you knew which crew to hire and how to improve the imperfect (Cost: $200 pesos per sq feet). We hired the best recommended handyman and installed our own fire and carbon monoxide alarms (Cost: less than $100 US).

2 - HOA Meetings: Where Conflict and Passion Collide

​If you live in a condo, be prepared to be shocked by the way some handle their HOA meetings. You may either want to laugh or cry. You may witness lots of drama and see little being done to resolve any issue.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

Make sure to choose a condo where the common areas are well maintained, and regulations are observed. A knowledgeable Real Estate agent will help you make the right choice. (“Best of Guadalajara List”).

TWIG's Experience

Unfortunately, the Casa TWIG has one of those bad HOA Management Companies. We joined the other unhappy owners’ group to try to resolve issues ourselves. It’s a slow and frustrating process. Lots of patience is required.

3 - Utilities Outages

Guadalajara, being a modern and developed city, offers relatively reliable utility services compared to other parts of Mexico. However, occasional outages can still occur, affecting internet, power, water, or gas supply. These disruptions are typically short-lived, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. During the rainy season, which spans from June to September, storm-related power outages can persist for several hours. Conversely, during the dry season, some neighborhoods may experience water outages for a day or two due to depleted water reserves. While these incidents are inconvenient, they are generally manageable and temporary.

Residents of Guadalajara have expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the city's drinking water service (read article). A significant portion of SIAPA's (Water Utility) budget, approximately 40% of every peso spent, goes towards payroll and payments to private companies, leaving limited funds for upgrading and maintaining the aging hydrosanitary infrastructure. In historic neighborhoods like Centro Histórico, Barrio de Analco, and others, the water networks are between 60 to 92 years old, in dire need of renewal. A recent online survey revealed that a staggering 60% of participants reported poor water quality, highlighting the urgent need for improvement.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. It's crucial to work with a knowledgeable and experienced Real Estate agent who has intimate knowledge of the city's best neighborhoods and buildings. (“Best of Guadalajara List”)

  2. Be prepared for possible outages and have good friends to stay with in case you have to experience a long utility outage.

  3. Choose newer rather than older structures.

  4. A long-term strategic approach to global water shortage is essential to reverse the trend of excessive consumption in cities. It is crucial that future generations understand the value of water as a limited resource. (read article)

TWIG's Experience

We opted for a modern high-rise condominium, which has proven to be a wise decision. Enjoying the benefits of contemporary living, we seldom encounter utility issues. When we do, our building's dedicated maintenance team swiftly addresses them. Additionally, we have access to fast and reliable internet, ensuring a comfortable and connected lifestyle. The on-site maintenance team provides peace of mind, resolving any issues that may arise faster than if we were on our own.

4 - Uneven Sidewalks and Cobblestones

In Guadalajara, the stunning trees seem to tower over pedestrians, as if asserting their dominance. However, beneath the shade of these beautiful trees, many sidewalks in Guadalajara, like much of Mexico, are marred by unrepaired holes and cracks, posing a hidden hazard for the unsuspecting walker. And in picturesque towns like Tlaquepaque and Ajijic, the charming cobblestone streets, while aesthetically pleasing, are notorious for being the primary culprit behind many a twisted ankle, requiring visitors to tread carefully to avoid a mishap.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

Heed your step! That's our simplest yet most vital advice for navigating Guadalajara's streets. Watch where you walk, and be mindful of your surroundings to avoid unexpected obstacles and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. 😊

TWIG's Experience

We pay attention and never experienced an injury.

5 - Use Filtered Water for Drinking and Cooking

While purified water is a must for drinking and cooking throughout Mexico, Guadalajara stands out as a welcome exception when it comes to public water usage. Unlike many other Mexican cities, Guadalajara's public water supply is considered safe for personal hygiene, such as bathing and brushing your teeth. This makes Guadalajara a relatively comfortable and convenient destination.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. It is extremely easy and inexpensive to have your Bonafont water delivered at home and to link a Servimatic Kendra water dispenser to your fridge water and ice dispensers ($2,500 pesos). There are other brands available.

  2. FYI, Lake Chapala is the main body that supplies water to the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (with 61% of the total volume), followed by groundwater (23%), the Calderón dam (15%) and springs (1% remaining). 

  3. Learn to properly wash fruits and vegetables to avoid illnesses.

TWIG's Experience

Accessing filtered water is a breeze in our building! We don't see it as a concern, thanks to the convenient service provided by Bonafont. Every Thursday, they deliver 20L bottles of filtered water directly to each apartment unit, and they'll even install it for you with a small tip. The cost? Just $50 pesos per bottle, including installation and tip, making it a hassle-free and affordable solution for clean drinking water. We always have a steady supply of filtered water on hand, with two 20L bottles conveniently located in our home. One bottle sits on our kitchen counter, providing easy access to room temperature water, while the other is connected to our fridge, ensuring a constant supply of cold water and ice - perfect for hot days or refreshing drinks!

6 - Speedbumps Can Damage Your Car and Your Back

In Mexico, you'll encounter speed bumps, known as 'topes,' in virtually every corner of the country. While their purpose is to slow down traffic and prevent accidents, their design and implementation can be a different story. Unfortunately, these topes are often oversized, poorly marked, and difficult to spot, especially at night, which can make for a bumpy and potentially hazardous ride.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. Pay great attention when driving and drive slowly enough to notice and avoid them.

  2. Learn more tips from ALLSTATE.

  3. Download and read TWIG's curated GUADALAJARA CAR OWNERS’ HANDBOOK.

TWIG's Experience

We chose to use Uber and trusted private drivers. Our monthly Uber costs is about $200 US.

7 - Be Prepared for Reckless Drivers

While Tapatios are known for their warm hospitality and courtesy, their driving habits can be a stark contrast. Behind the wheel, some individuals may exhibit assertive or reckless behavior, disregarding traffic signs and regulations. Additionally, some drivers may not possess a valid license or insurance, making road safety a concern.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. Always be alert when driving. Use Uber, a trusted private driver or avoid driving at night.

  2. If owning a car get a great insurance. (“Best of Guadalajara List”)

  3. Learn more tips from ALLSTATE.

  4. Download and read TWIG's curated GUADALAJARA CAR OWNERS’ HANDBOOK.

TWIG's Experience

We chose to use Uber and trusted private drivers. Our monthly Uber costs is about $200 US.

8 - Some Areas May Have Unpleasant Aromas

Residents in certain areas may encounter occasional unpleasant odors emanating from their shower or sink drains, due to the aging infrastructure of the drainage systems, some of which date back centuries. These vintage systems, while functional, can sometimes release lingering scents, particularly after heavy usage or during periods of high water flow.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. It is important you hire a great Real Estate agent that has a great knowledge on which areas and buildings have the most modernized structures. (“Best of Guadalajara List”)

  2. Pick up a cheap anti-odor drain stopper and use it when the shower's not in use to keep your bathroom smelling fresh!

TWIG's Experience

We chose to live in a modern high-rise condo, and we rarely experience unpleasant smelling issues. We use anti-odor drain stopper in each of our showers.😊

9 - Your Neighbors Might Be (super) Noisy

Mexicans are known for their exuberant love of life, music, and celebration, which can sometimes extend into the night. Additionally, pet ownership is common, and while Mexicans adore their pets, training methods may vary, leading to occasional dog barking. Furthermore, Guadalajara is a rapidly growing city, with new constructions and developments emerging throughout the city. As a result, some neighborhoods or buildings may be more prone to noise, creating a lively and dynamic environment that's full of energy and life.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. It's crucial to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced Real Estate agent who can guide you to the most serene and tranquil neighborhoods. (“Best of Guadalajara List”)

  2. Get to know a neighborhood intimately before committing to rent or buy. Take your time, explore, and experience the area firsthand.

  3. When visiting Guadalajara, before booking, ask your hotel or Airbnb host about neighborhood noise, nearby churches and ongoing construction to ensure a peaceful stay in Guadalajara. 

TWIG's Experience

We opted for a more serene living experience in a secluded area of Zapopan, nestled in a canyon, strategically located away from noise-prone areas such as churches, bars, and clubs. As a result, we enjoy a significantly quieter environment compared to our friends. While this choice brings us peace of mind, it does come with a trade-off - our car rides to Guadalajara's city center take approximately 15 minutes longer than our friends', a small price to pay for the tranquility we value.

10 - Mexico Experiences Occasional Earthquakes

Fortunately, Guadalajara is not typically the epicenter of these earthquakes, and we usually only feel the residual effects of significant quakes originating from other regions. By the time these tremors reach Guadalajara, they have often diminished in intensity, reducing the likelihood of severe damage or loss of life. While earthquakes are a natural occurrence in Mexico, Guadalajara has been largely spared from devastating consequences, with the exception of the notable 1932 Jalisco earthquake.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. Stay prepared by learning earthquake safety protocols.

  2. Review the city's seismic history to ensure your readiness and safety.

TWIG's Experience

We experienced a series of moderate earthquakes over the course of a week, in 2022, coinciding with the anniversary of the devastating Mexico City earthquake on September 19th. As high-rise residents, the experience was particularly noteworthy, yet fortunately, Guadalajara emerged unscathed, with no reported fatalities or significant damage. The city's resilience and preparedness were evident, and we were relieved to weather the tremors without major incident

11 - Poor Air Quality Days

Occasionally, certain areas of Guadalajara may experience poor air quality, prompting local authorities to issue health advisories recommending residents stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities until the air quality improves.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. Use the app “IQAir” to be notified of such poor air quality

  2. Invest in the best Air Purifier for those few days a year it is best to close your windows. Stay indoor. Use a mask outdoor. Close windows/doors, and drink plenty of fluid.

  3. Use NeilMed Sinus Rinse every other day!

  4. Know the most polluted neighborhoods to avoid, such as Las Pintas (El Salto), Loma Dorada (Tonalá), Tlaquepaque, Santa Fe (Tlajomulco) and Miravalle (Guadalajara).

  5. In case of fire: Report a fire by calling 911, 33 36 36 82 52 or 800 737 00 00 / Follow fires development on Twitter.

  6. Help push for the Brick Industry (one of the main source of pollution) to be modernized and regulated. 

TWIG's Experience

We experienced brief periods of bad air quality in Guadalajara due to fires, but these instances were limited to a month in 2021 and several episodes in 2023. In contrast, our previous home in California, USA, suffered from four months of severe air pollution annually, making Guadalajara feel like a haven in comparison.

12 - Employee Unreliability

Mexicans are known for their exceptional politeness, which can sometimes lead to indirect communication. Even when they're unable to fulfill a request, they might respond with a courteous 'yes' or make promises they cannot keep. For individuals accustomed to straightforward and direct communication, this cultural difference can be perplexing and frustrating, leading to misunderstandings and unmet expectations.

Prepare for: Lack of Punctuality, absenteeism, unpredictable work quality, inconsistent attendance, and failure to meet deadlines.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

TWIG's 'Best of Guadalajara List' is a game-changer, providing a carefully curated resource to help you hire the most skilled and reliable bilingual professionals in the city, making it easy to work with the best.

TWIG's Experience

Having successfully hired professionals for various projects, with an 80% success rate over two years, we created TWIG's Relocation Program to share our expertise and help others avoid common pitfalls and achieve a seamless transition.

13 - Last-Minute Notifications

Mexico is known for last-minute announcements, so it's not uncommon to find out about events, news, or new laws only after they've happened or with very little notice.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

Discover TWIG, your go-to guide for Guadalajara. We've blended American organization with Latin flair to bring you the best of both worlds. Stay ahead with our Super Event Calendar, featuring 800+ events, for just $200 pesos a month.

TWIG's Experience

"We're the first to use TWIG every day, and we're thrilled to share it with you! Honestly, we created TWIG for our own needs initially, but we're delighted to extend its benefits to our community too 😊. We're happy to have you along for the ride!

14 - Rainy Season Flooding

Guadalajara's rainy season (June 8 - September 30) brings benefits like cooler temperatures and greenery, but also a high risk of flooding. July is the wettest month, with an average of 24 rainy days. The city's soil struggles to absorb heavy rainfall, which can lead to flooding in as little as 15 minutes. Brief daily rain showers, usually around 5 pm or at night, can still pose a significant risk.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. Try to avoid driving at those hours or learn how to drive in flooded areas (very important as you can damage your car).

  2. Know the areas and 6 tunnels at greatest risk of flooding in Guadalajara.

  3. Understand what your car is protected for by downloading and reading TWIG's curated GUADALAJARA CAR OWNERS’ HANDBOOK.

  4. Use Uber or a trusted private driver during raining hours as most drivers are experienced driving in a flooded street.

  5. It is important you hire a great Real Estate agent that has a great knowledge about which areas get flooded and should be avoided to live. (“Best of Guadalajara List”)

TWIG's Experience

15 - Dry Skin

Living in Guadalajara, you may find that your skin, hands, and feet become increasingly dry during the hot months, a common effect of the city's dry climate.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. TWIG's partner and skin expert, Mariel, from Leche Y Miel Salon, recommends the following daily skin care routine (it works!). Apply those creams daily and you'll be good to go!

  2. Put a good body cream in all your guests bedrooms and your visitors will quickly adapt.

TWIG's Experience

We both quickly noticed the effects of the dry climate in Guadalajara - Armelle, coming from California, USA, and Nidia, from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - and started to give extra TLC to our skins.

16 - Safety

Despite rising global safety concerns, Guadalajara feels safer than many big cities. While cartels and organized crime are real issues in Mexico, the media often sensationalizes them, creating a skewed perception. In truth, encounters with cartels are rare, and with basic awareness and caution, you can minimize risks and enjoy a safe experience.

Is there a solution to this issue? Yes!

  1. Live and travel intelligently anywhere in the world, which means don’t leave any valuable items unattended, don't hold your phone in your hand or back pocket. Don’t leave apparent belongings in your parked car. Learn from wise tips.

  2. Download and keep with you at all times TWIG's curated EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS IN GUADALAJARA.

  3. Look like a local, not like a tourist. Don’t ask for directions, for example – always know where you’re headed and how to get there and avoid using maps or phones with navigational apps in plain sight.

  4. It is important you hire a great Real Estate agent that has a great knowledge about which areas are the safest to live. (“Best of Guadalajara List”). Consider living in a gated community.

  5. Avoid the east side of GDL. These areas include ones like Colonia Jalisco and Santa Fe. 

  6. Is Mexico Safer than the US? This video compares Mexico to the USA and explains why Mexico is safer.

TWIG's Experience

We chose a secure, gated condo in Virreyes Las Cumbres, Zapopan, and despite occasional security protocol fatigue, we feel extremely safe. After four years in Guadalajara, we've never felt unsafe, a contrast to our experiences in Europe and the US. Mexicans are generally honest and kind, making us feel welcome and at ease.


Now, drumroll please... Our Top 25 favorite things about living in vibrant Guadalajara! Unlock the full potential of Guadalajara with TWIG as your guide!

  1. English is well spoken: To navigate the city more easily, it's still recommended to learn some basic Spanish phrases, which will be helpful in your daily interactions. Check TWIG's recommended Spanish teachers & schools for affordable ways to learn Spanish.

  2. Fast Internet: Guadalajara, Mexico's Silicon Valley, is a hub for tech innovation and nearshoring. Despite Mexico's current global rankings of 90th for mobile speeds and 84th for fixed broadband speeds (as of May 2024), Guadalajara is driving growth and investment in the industry.

  3. Pleasant Weather: Guadalajara's climate is a delight: mild and pleasant year-round, earning its spot among Mexico's top 8 cities with the best weather!

  4. Easy Transportation System: Guadalajara's transportation system is a breeze, with options ranging from public buses and light rail to safe private drivers, bike-friendly roads, and popular ride-hailing services like Uber, InDrive and Didi.

  5. Cultural Hub: Guadalajara is a cultural powerhouse, with 30+ museums, a historic center reminiscent of Europe, and a rich heritage as the birthplace of tequila, mariachi music, and charrería. The city hosts Latin America's largest film festival, FICG, and a plethora of events throughout the year. Consult TWIG's Event Super Calendar for a comprehensive list of over 800 upcoming events and 50+ activities in this vibrant city.

  6. A City of Education: Guadalajara, the 'city of universities,' excels with a 98% literacy rate and hosts the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL), the largest in the Americas. The city buzzes with intellectual vitality, as students, writers, and professionals converge in cafés and eateries, fostering a dynamic environment of ideas and discussion.

  7. Global Sporting Events: Jalisco, the cradle of charrería (sport similar to rodeo), boasts a rich sporting legacy, hosting international events like tennis, karate, and taekwondo championships. Guadalajara, home to top sports teams, including Chivas & Atlas in football, Astros Jalisco Stars in basketball, Mariachis of GDL in baseball, will also host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, cementing its status as a global sports destination. From football to the iconic Lucha libre (Mexican wrestling), athletics enthusiasts will find plenty to cheer about in GDL, with over 800 upcoming events listed in TWIG's Event Super Calendar.

  8. Low Cost of Living for a Big City: Enjoy a surprisingly low cost of living in Guadalajara, a modern and cosmopolitan city, with a rare combination of affordability and urban sophistication. Benefit from low taxes or even no taxes, depending on your situation, a $109,000 USD foreign earned income exclusion, and a monthly cost of living from $800 to $1,100 USD (or $2,300 to $2,800 USD for a luxurious lifestyle).

  9. Range of School Options: Guadalajara offers a range of educational options for your family, including public, private, and international schools (French, US & Canada), as well as homeschooling, providing flexibility and choice for a personalized learning experience. (TWIG partners with a wonderful School Specialist to answer all your questions).

  10. Untapped Business Opportunities: Guadalajara presents a wealth of untapped business opportunities, waiting to be seized. The idea for TWIG was born out of a need for a centralized platform to showcase the city's vibrant events scene, with hundreds of events taking place every week. Our research revealed a broader potential for entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, spanning various industries and sectors. TWIG recommends connecting with Lisa Cortes from the GetHiredClub to find the perfect remote work for yourself or our recommend Business Partners to help you start your own business successfully in GDL.

  11. A Great Place to Grow Older: Guadalajara is a retirement haven, offering discounts and a culture of respect and reverence for elderly individuals, creating a warm and supportive community to age with dignity.

  12. Beautiful Architecture: Guadalajara's architecture is a fusion of modern style and historical grandeur, with a historic center that evokes the charm of Europe, and iconic works by Luis Barragán and 28 notable landmarks that make the city a haven for architecture enthusiasts. 

  13. Great Affordable Healthcare: Guadalajara's healthcare system is a standout in Mexico, offering a robust network of over 10,000 experienced medical professionals, 200 private centers, and state-run facilities. Enjoy affordable and high-quality care, assisted living options, and health insurance plans, and explore TWIG's Guadalajara Health Essentials guide for a comprehensive overview.

  14. LGBTQ+ Friendly: Jalisco, and its capital city Guadalajara, have established themselves as a beacon of LGBTQ+ inclusivity and tourism, boasting a reputation as one of the most progressive cities in Latin America. The state has pioneered transgender rights, recognized same-sex marriage, and implemented anti-discrimination laws, solidifying its position as a global leader in LGBTQ+ tourism. Guadalajara's Pride parade has grown to become one of the largest in Latin America, attracting over 100,000 attendees each year, and the city has gained international recognition as the host of the Gay Games 2023. Explore TWIG's curated LGBTQ+ Guadalajara Guide to discover the city's vibrant and inclusive culture.

  15. Warmth and Hospitality: The people of Guadalajara, known as Tapatios, are renowned for their exceptional kindness, generosity, and welcoming nature. Deeply rooted in strong family values and a sense of community, they create a supportive and inclusive environment that makes everyone feel at home.

  16. A Global Hub for Expats: Guadalajara is a melting pot of expats from around the world, with 45,000 foreigners, including 25,000 U.S. citizens, calling it home. In Guadalajara it’s easy to meet new (quality) people, make friends, or arrange playdates for the kids. Join TWIG's Chat and connect with the community through TWIG's Connect page, listing 50+ groups and meetups for expats.

  17. A City on the Rise: Guadalajara's global reputation is on the rise, earning spots on TIME's "World's Greatest Places" list and Travel + Leisure's "World's Best" list, ranking #23 among the world's favorite cities and #5 in Mexico.

  18. A Culinary Delight: Indulge in the city's gastronomic pleasures, featuring fresh produce, seafood, and renowned Tequila. Explore the vibrant street food scene, where small vendors offer delicious and safe options to try. From traditional eateries to stunning contemporary eateries with cutting-edge design and bars, Guadalajara's culinary landscape has something for every palate. Discover the city's best-kept secrets with our guides: Gourmet GDL and Guadalajara Uncorked.

  19. Committed to a Greener Tomorrow: Guadalajara, a Tree City of the World since 2020, is a green oasis, featuring tailored trees (Primavera, Rosa morada, Jacaranda, Galeana, Lluvia de oro, Tabachín, Colorín, Clavellina, among other species), lush green areas, and vibrant parks, earning recognition from the FAO and Arbor Day Foundation for its environmental stewardship. The city has set several goals to become a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city.

  20. More Space for Less Money: You and the family can move into your dream home. Compared to similar cities around the world, the lower costs of living and real estate in Guadalajara allow you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of and still have plenty of cash leftover to decorate it and enjoy a fun life. From spacious homes with lush gardens and expansive decks to larger apartments with extra rooms, Guadalajara provides the perfect solution for families expanding their horizons or professionals seeking a comfortable dedicated office space to work from home. With lower rent and more space, Guadalajara is the ideal choice for those seeking value and comfort.

  21. A Hub of Economic Growth: Guadalajara, a city of the future with a thriving economy, is driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, and recognized for its job creation potential, with Zapopan leading the way as Mexico's #1 job creator in 2022.

  22. Something for Everyone: Experience the perfect blend of old and new in Guadalajara, a city that seamlessly combines the amenities of a cosmopolitan metropolis with the warmth and charm of a small town. This vibrant city of contrasts offers a unique fusion of Latin, European, and North American cultures, allowing you to choose from a diverse range of lifestyles and neighborhoods. From the modern and trendy Chapultepec area to the historic and picturesque Historical Center, and from the bustling Downtown to the quieter and more suburban Zapopan, Providencia, and Chapalita, Guadalajara has something for everyone.

  23. Luxury Shopping at Its Finest: Indulge in a world-class shopping experience in Guadalajara, where you'll find upscale malls and stores that rival the best in Europe and the United States. For the ultimate shopping indulgence, head to Andares Mall, Palacio de Hierro, The Landmark, Midtown or La Perla, where you'll discover the crème de la crème of international designer brandsAnd if you crave a more authentic shopping experience, Guadalajara's multiple local markets, known as Tianguis, offer unique handicrafts, local delicacies, and countless friendly vendors. They are the perfect place to pick up souvenirs, try local specialties, and experience the city's warm hospitality.

  24. Peace: You'll feel at home in this harmonious and non-aggressive environment, where visitors and expats are warmly received. Additionally, Mexico is a neutral country that maintains a peaceful stance in international affairs, avoiding involvement in global conflicts.

  25. Unparalleled Quality of Life: Live a life of luxury in Guadalajara, where you can afford the extras: private lessons, household staff, top professionals, a dream home, hobbies, self-care, and a vibrant social life – all at an affordable cost. See TWIG's Best of GDL List

Voila! Ready to slow down and enjoy the multiple benefits of Guadalajara’s living? Let TWIG’s Relocation Program help you make the transition smoothly. With easy appointments setting from bilingual immigration lawyer to medical concierge and real-estate agent, chauffeur pick-up, guided tour, and a team having your back and answering your questions, you’re closer than you think to a beautiful new life. 

🎇The TWIG team wishes you the best life in our beautiful city of Guadalajara. We’re always here to help, if we can!



  1. HOW SAFE IS GUADALAJARA? Guadalajara is both safe and unsafe, depending on your lifestyle and choices. Numbeo safety index gives Mexico City a crime rating of 68.2 which is high. Guadalajara's is close at 62.2. If the crime rate comes higher than other similar big cities (Paris, London, New-York, Rome), in Mexico, most violent crimes are restricted to instances between criminal organizations. Reading about cartel activities in Mexico can be scary, however, unless you are extremely naïve or unlucky to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a tourist or expat, you have no reason to encounter criminal organizations, just like you don’t meet the mafia when traveling in Italy.

  2. What makes Guadalajara a safer place than most other big cities in the world? People’s kindness and helpful nature. Very low aggressivity and no mass shootings. Most Mexicans are non-aggressive (except behind the wheel), polite and well mannered. GDL has a great expat community ready to help. Check TWIG’s connect page for all the wonderful groups we recommend you join to get help, good advice and make solid friends.

  3. Is Mexico safer than the US? In this video Andrew compares Mexico to the USA and explains why Mexico is safer.

  4. How to Make Your Move to Guadalajara Smooth and Stress-Free? Sign-up to TWIG's Relocation Program and learn in 4 days what it takes other years. From where to eat, where to stay, what to see, and connecting you to all the top professionals you need for your new life, you’ll feel home in an instant.

  5. How can I stay updated on the latest events and attractions in Guadalajara? Subscribe to TWIG's free weekly newsletter to get the best of Guadalajara delivered directly to your inbox.

Want more of everything going on in Guadalajara? Subscribe to TWIG’s free weekly newsletter to get the best of Guadalajara in your inbox. And get the “Best of Guadalajara List” to know the top bilingual professionals in 30+ categories (from private drivers to doctors).


🎇 Join our community for weekly event insights! Embrace, share, and become a part of Guadalajara's rich tapestry with TWIG!

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