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Exploring the City's Sacred Traditions and Sites

🙏✨ Catholics make up 80% of Mexico’s population, making it the second largest Catholic country in the world after Brazil. Guadalajara, capital, and jewel of the state of Jalisco, is considered one of the Catholic capitals of Mexico, with more than 400 parishes.


This article is written in a way that even non-religious visitors and locals will find interesting discovering the most sacred places of Guadalajara.


If you are looking to learn more about Mexico, TWIG highly recommends taking part of some of these magical experiences.


In this article you will discover:

🕊 The UNESCO Unmissable Pilgrimage

🕊 The International Eucharist Race

🕊 The Most Beautiful Shrines

🕊 Why October 12th is the most sacred date in GDL

🕊 The Importance of the Virgin of Zapopan

🕊 How to Celebrate Easter / Semana Santa in GDL

🕊 The Spectacular Temple with a Bad Reputation

🕊 Where to Follow an English Mass

🕊 Where You Can Wear Christ’s Crown of Thorns for Real

🕊 The Special Prayer to the Virgin of Zapopan


Are you ready to embark on a spiritual journey of GDL's most revered sites, ceremonies, and traditions? Let’s start! 🙏✨

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