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Isn’t it Time for Healthy New Beginnings? (Free article for all)

In exactly 2 days we will cheer to 2024🥂✨ Are you ready?

The start of a new year serves as an opportunity for many to set new goals and commit to better habits.

A new survey from Forbes Health/OnePoll of 1,000 U.S. adults (conducted on Oct. 23, 2023) highlights that the top new year’s resolution for 2024 is fitness, which contrasts with findings from 2022 showing that many people were prioritizing their mental health.

After improved fitness as a top resolution (48%) comes improved finances (38%), improved mental health (36%), weight loss (34%) and improved diet (32%). See full results.

80% of respondents feel confident in their ability to reach their new resolutions goals. However, only 20% of respondents say they keep themselves accountable when it comes to sticking to their goals. This is a massive drop compared to last year’s Forbes survey, for which 77% of respondents said they would keep themselves accountable.

So, for all of you who could use some TLC and a push to remain accountable with your 2024’s resolutions, consider TWIG your partner in execution.

In this article you will discover:

✨ 25+ creative New Year resolutions ideas

We may sound cocky, but TWIG helped 500+ English speakers, locals and expats, live a better life in beautiful Guadalajara in 2023. From helping them feel more knowledgeable, to saving money, to connecting with the right professionals, and making unvaluable friendships, we feel proud to have helped all our members and partners since our creation.

Making new healthy resolutions is not for everyone. Just like joining a community of like-minded people such as TWIG is not for everyone.

In 2024, we wish ✨YOU✨ to blossom, wherever you belong.

Here are 25 creative ideas for your 2024 New Year resolutions. Need help making them happen? We’re here to help! Now, repeat after me…

For this New Year I want to:

1. Add color and creativity to my favorite space! Call TWIG’s recommended muralist and designer Liza González. Liza is responsible for the murals at TWIG Casa and revamping AMSOC as well as a lot of projects in the last 20 years that she has been working on this. She has done space planning, interior design, and murals in about 5 continents. English speaker and willing to help improve that spaces that need a little bit of love.

2. Repair anything malfunctioning or improve my home. There is no need for more leaks, humidity and other unnecessary issues in your home. Whatever you need, here is your SUPER team: JMS Home Repair Multi-Services, Painter Martin Cera, Electrician Arturo Cera, Plumber JMS Home Repair, and Meya Design for premium curtains, blinds, and awnings. For more check the TWIG Best of GDL list and hire the most reliable bilingual professionals.

3. Start with a well functioning vehicle. MIDAS, America's #1 auto service shop chain, now in Guadalajara, has your back. His owner, Paco Robles, is bilingual and extremely customer oriented.

4. Get a home deep cleaning. I call CRISTAL CLARO! Crystal-clear windows, shower door with contamination, tiles without rust mark, is a real deep clean house your wish? Martin & Chris bring windows and house cleaning to the next level!

5. Move to a nicer home. TWIG’s preferred two bilingual Real Estate Agent, Chris Cortes, and Alexia Briere are here to find you a place to can finally call home.

6. Learn or improve my Spanish or English: That you meet your teacher online, in a café or in a park, TWIG’s recommended Spanish and English teachers as well as the Language Exchange are top notch.

7. Give TLC to my body. From Leche & Miel Salon for unique and relaxing facial experiences that leave you feeling rejuvenated, to Casa Dharma for Yoga, Nutrition, Temazcals, Acupuncture, Reiki, to starting natural anti-aging & rejuvenating treatments with Dra. Sherina Parvaneh Shahbazian M.D.; to papering yourself at home with Aurora Reyes skilled make-up talents and nail treatments with 15% discount for TWIG's members! Finally DR. Luis Vasquez created a new FDA approved unique coffee, Cafelageno, that can boost your hair & nail growth and help you get rid of sun spots and wrinkles. You have no excuse to not look and feel your absolute best in 2024.

8. Get regular massages to reduce pain, stress, and lighten the burden on my body. Certified Massage Therapist Sabrina Steele Jones (Dynamic Touch Massage) awaits you.

9. Prioritize my mental health, heal from unresolved past trauma, and break free from barriers that keep holding me back. Have you met wonderful online Psychotherapist for Millennial Women, Elizabeth Rubio, LCSW or brief systemic psychotherapist focused on solutions and organizer of the Death Cafe, Danya Argote?

10. Prioritize my relationship! 2024 is a great year to transform your connection into the relationship you have always dreamed of! Coach Dua Hanel will help you communicate efficiently, understand love languages, constructive conversations, truly understanding each other’s perspectives, and develop a strong passionate intimate connection.

11. Be ready for any medical emergency. Medical concierge Lori Payne and home Doctor Emmy Hernandez are two MUST have contact posted on your fridge. Hopefully you’ll have a super healthy 2024!

12. Take great care of my teeth and vision. Bilingual dentist Dr. Guillermo Pomar Cotter will be here for you and your teeth in his modern facility. Great teeth still need cleaning twice a year for prevention. Fernando, bilingual Ophthalmologist, Optometrist and owner of VD Opticos will help you get a clear vision of your future.

13. Improve my career. Launch or take my business to a higher level. Digital Brand & SEO GRIT will elevate your brand with advanced digital marketing and technical SEO services. The TWIG Business Partnership will help you increase your visibility and customers from 30-70% depending on your sector. Lisa, creator of the #GetHiredClub will help you nail a great remote work in 90 days or less.

14. Have all my legal matters in order. No one is more qualified in GDL than TWIG’s preferred lawyer Spencer McMullen. Oops! I just remembered I need to do my Mexican will.

15. Create a shield of protection around me. Our bilingual multi insurance agents, Daniela Neri and Roberto Cortes have your back and are just a call away.

16. Learn to cook traditional Mexican recipes. Take an amazing cooking class with Casa Humo and make new friends in the process.

17. Allow other wonderful Chefs to cook for me when I’m tired. Speakeasy Cocina (Asian & Indian food), Chef Lee (American, Soul Food & Caribbean food) and Casa Humo (International Fusion Mexican food) will deliver food to your home weekly.

18. Allow other wonderful Chefs to cook for me when I’m tired. Speakeasy Cocina (Asian & Indian food), Chef Lee (American, Soul Food & Caribbean food) and Casa Humo (International Fusion Mexican food) will deliver food to your home weekly.

19. Have beautiful new photos taken. May it be for a professional profile, home rental, special events or reinventing yourself, YOU by Nidia will make you shine again.

20. Share my knowledge, wit, or ideas. It’s time to call Louis Cotto from the Community Voice Radio, a program dedicated to the English speakers in GDL. Louis will charm you with his warm interview style and what you share will help the community.

21. Have the travel adventure of a lifetime. Instead of relying on online algorithm, call travel designer Betty Steinhauer who has travelled to 155 countries. She can help design your travel to your perfect destination and for FREE.

22. No longer wait hours at the airport for a taxi or take the risk of drinking and driving. TWIG is a huge fan of our bilingual private driver and certified tour guide Anwar. Keep his phone number on you at all times.

23. Only get the best money exchange rate to stop wasting your dineros. TWIG recommends Centro Cambiario Aspen, the best exchange rate in the city.

24. Ensure my kids have an amazing Education! Avelli Academy online private school pre-k-12th grade is a great option for those looking to make some changes for their kids’ education in the new year!

25. Live like a VIP in GDL. The TWIG membership brings you discounts on top services up to 50%, access to the best knowledge/editorials on GDL, access to a supportive community, TWIG's direct help when searching for a reliable provider, and free monthly zoom meetings with professionals to answer your questions and enjoy a better life in GDL!

26. Take my pets to only the best providers. TWIG wrote a great piece about pet owning in GDL. Use it.

27. Purchase better quality Mexican craft accessories. TWIG loves the refined leather crafts and artisanal drinks from Casquivano. When getting a gift or treating yourself, choose beautiful craft.

28. Travel to India from the comfort of India. Darshan and WorldMiTR are bringing India to Mexico in a thousand creative ways, from workshops, events, classes, and networking. Don’t miss it.

29. Let a reliable service manage my property. From security monitoring to vacation rentals, Jalisco Conciergerie provides concierge services to help owners with their primary and secondary residences.

30. Do something extraordinary. Get inspired by the powerful song and music video of “Sweeping Away” by Armelle Cloche. This project dedicated to empowering women around the world, was made possible thanks to 15 bold locals and expats joining forces in Guadalajara. What’s your song, book, or movie in the making?

2024 is a great year to transform your life and connections and the TWIG team will be with you all along your journey.

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  1. What is Guadalajara famous for? #Guadalajara is famous for being the capital of Jalisco, the Silicon Valley of Mexico, and the birthplace of mariachi music, charros, and tequila. It also offers a wide range of cultural events, historical sites, and unique attractions throughout the year.

  2. What are some must-visit attractions in Guadalajara? Some must-visit attractions in Guadalajara include the Guachimontones circular stepped pyramids, Hospicio Cabañas, San Juan de Dios Market, and the numerous festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

  3. What are the best times to visit Guadalajara? The best time to visit Guadalajara is between October and December when the weather is pleasant, and many cultural events and festivals are happening. However, each month offers unique experiences, so you can plan your visit according to your interests.

  4. What are some traditional dishes to try in Guadalajara? Some traditional dishes to try in Guadalajara include Tortas Ahogadas, Birria, and Jericalla. Each dish has its unique flavors and represents the rich culinary heritage of the city.

  5. How can I stay updated on the latest events and attractions in Guadalajara? Subscribe to TWIG's free weekly newsletter to get the best of Guadalajara delivered directly to your inbox.

Subscribe to TWIG’s free weekly newsletter to get the best of Guadalajara in your inbox.


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