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With the international media focusing almost exclusively on what goes wrong in Mexico, it’s easy to feel concerned about visiting or living in Guadalajara.

In reality, the world in general has become less safe and pickpockets are on the rise worldwide. Another reality is that the majority of foreigners living in Guadalajara expresses that life here feels generally safer than in most other similar big cities (Guadalajara’s metro population is 5.4 million habitants).

This article is written by TWIG’s creator, who was born and grew up in Africa, lived 8 years in Europe, 35 years in the USA, visited over 50 countries, and now live happily in beautiful Guadalajara since 2020.

In the last 3 years, since we moved to GDL, the TWIG team has experienced zero criminal issues. However, we are aware that it’s not the case for everyone and we want to help our community and visitors stay as safe as possible.

Here are some facts and useful info we have gathered to help you stay safe in GDL or rebound from a possible criminal incident.

We recommend you read this article until the end to avoid learning this stuff the hard way.

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