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Embracing the Comfort of Guadalajara’s Culture

By TWIG’s partner Elizabeth Rubio, LCSW: Online Psychotherapist for Millennial Women

Living abroad is an exciting adventure, full of new beginnings and incredible cultural experiences. Yet, as you have discovered, the journey of an immigrant is not without its twists and turns. But even amid the thrill of it all, life can throw unexpected challenges our way, like the loss of a loved one. These moments remind us that life abroad while exhilarating, isn't immune to grief and loss.

When facing such times, it's crucial to prioritize our mental well-being, especially when we're far from the familiar and our usual support systems. Being away from home can intensify feelings of isolation and helplessness or worsen underlying emotional issues. Grieving, whether due to a loss back home or during our international travels, can be particularly tough when we're far away.

In this article, I cover:

🌟 Understanding Grief When You Are Abroad

🌟 The Five Stages of Grief

🌟 Día de Muertos - The Role of Our Host Culture in Coping

🌟 6 Tips - Practical Strategies for Managing Grief Abroad

🌟 List of Mental Health Resources in GDL and Internationally

🌟 List of Things to Consider to Prepare for the Future

If you would like to keep this conversation going, join me at TWIG’s Immersive Experience: Día de los Muertos, Saturday, October 21, 2023, where I will be a guest speaker, and we will discuss the beauty and meaning of death.

And now let's delve into understanding grief and how you can live a fulfilling and mentally nourishing expat life! 🌟

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