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VIP Membership

For the ones looking for AMAZING!

You're Special

TWIG delivers great events & activities for free.

But *Greatness* is better!

For $300 mxn a month, our VIP Members get the following exclusive perks:

1. A curated Weekend Itinerary a month, that you can use now or save for later. See SAMPLE. See SAMPLE 2.

2. We arrange special gifts & discounts just for you from all selected venues. This alone covers your membership fee.

3. We arrange the logistics, design your map and make sure every destination is walking distance from your starting point.

4. We offer private drivers, interpreters, and other needed services to make your weekend a bliss (we negotiated up to 50% off exclusively for our members).

5. Our itineraries are designed to discover Guadalajara with a new lens. We cover:

- Each of Guadalajara's main Colonias

- Guadalajara's surroundings (Tequila, Ajijic, and more).

- Nature & adventures

- We mix luxury, local gems and secret places.

Still Life

I Want


A dance on
the rooftop!






A private Home offering a dinner in their gorgeous garden



A chef cooking in front of me



To be


Image by Ishan @seefromthesky

You're a VIP if...

  • You want to experience the very best of Guadalajara and its surroundings. 

  • You want to discover less known gems, from luxurious to local secrets. 

  • You want us to surprise you and  take all the guesswork out of your weekend staycation.

  • You want unique itineraries for your couple, family, guests & visitors.

  • You appreciate exclusive discounts & gifts that pay for your VIP Membership alone.

  • You want to benefit from TWIG's exclusive services like a private driver, an interpreter or a bodyguard (up to 50% off for our members only).

  • You want to experience life beyond the ordinary!

Get all this & more

SIGNING-UP is easy. Choose between:

1. Monthly fee of $300 mxn

2. Yearly fee of $3,000 mxn (a $600 pesos saving) and as a bonus, get access to all the past curated itineraries existing.


We look forward to seeing you be a TWIG VIP Member!


Armelle, Nidia and the TWIG Team

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