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Best Studios, Galleries, and Artistic Programs

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS: Bárbara Repostería bakery, Eliza Osher.

🎨🖼 Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, has been gaining popularity among the international art world elite since the mid-90s. 


This region is one of Mexico's most important cultural centers, with influential Mexican figures, such as muralists Jose Clemente Orozco, modernist architect Luis Barragán, and Oscar-winning film director Guillermo del Toro, to name a few.


As much as it is the guardian of traditions, Guadalajara is also a vanguard of the new. Despite being an emerging art market when compared to the art world capitals of New York and London, Guadalajara does have a developed cultural infrastructure that has helped to retain local artists and gain the attention of the international world.


Let's take a look at Guadalajara's vibrant Art scene.


In this guide you’ll discover the best:

🎨Map of Art Galleries & Art Exhibitions Calendar

🎨Five Galleries That You Should Visit in Tlaquepaque

🎨3 Museums Not to Miss

🎨Key Art Events

🎨Secret Artist Studios

🎨Murals Walking Tours

🎨Art Workshops & Classes

🎨Art with Dinner

🎨Full Day Art Discovery  

🎨Art Markets & Bazaars

🎨Art Supplies Stores

🎨Artists Programs / Schools and Resources


Shall we start?

A great way to visit the city is to pay attention to a few specific architects — Alejandro Zohn or Fernando González Gortázar, for example — and follow their work around town. MoMo Guadalajara has a digital map on its website to guide you.

And then… there are amazing art places and artistic gems to make you realize that Guadalajara is a Renaissance city.


Jalisco has 81 galleries, according to the Cultural Information System (SIC) of the Government of Mexico ; 34 being in Guadalajara.

👉 See the city Art Exhibitions calendar, updated daily, and visit any of these renowned galleries:


Estudio Libertad: Colonia Americana

Art Studio & Gallery for all tastes. Beautiful place, the art, the architecture of the house and above all Juan Diego the host. By private appointment only. Also hosts events all year round, Art Auctions (physically and over WhatsApp). Info: Address: 44160, C. Miguel Lerdo de Tejada 2319, Americana, 44190 Guadalajara. +52 3331892888. Reviews


Guadalajara90210 Gallery: Colonia Americana

A contemporary art gallery and artist studios, with locations in both GDL and CDMX.

Address: C. Mexicaltzingo 1343, Americana, 44160 Guadalajara. +52 55 6421 2070


Páramo Gallery: Colonia Americana

Founded in 2012, Páramo is a contemporary art gallery that cultivates and advances the work and practices of artists from around the globe, and provides a platform for artists and their production. what differentiates it from other galleries is, first of all, its space. Modern, huge and beautiful, Páramo is the biggest gallery space in Guadalajara. Address: Av. Hidalgo 1228, 44160, Guadalajara. +52 33 3825 0921

Mimí Mendoza Art Gallery: Colonia Americana

Mimí Mendoza started her gallery 24 years ago with one establish artist from Oaxaca and now work with 25 renowned local and national artists, such as Vicente Rojo, Leonora Carrington, Pedro Friedeberg, Alejandro Velasco, Rafael Coronel, Manuel Felguérez, José Luis Cuevas, Carmen Parra and Miguel Ángel Martín Del Campo, among others. The social sense is a key element of the gallery, and they host auctions to further help their artists. They have several points of sale such as Aerotron, at Guadalajara Country Club they do an exhibition of a different artist every month, from time to time at the San Javier Club Privado as well as at the Center Integral de Servicios Zapopan (CISZ), which has a gallery space. They are also very close with Comude Guadalajara with Albino Galván, who invited them to participate to make all the medals from last year. Visit the Mimí Mendoza Art Gallery by appointment, from 10 am to 5 pm. Address: Chapultepec 480 P.H 16B Horizontes Chapultepec, Americana.


Beautiful gallery that houses Art, Culture, History, a café and a charming area for large meetings or private events. It is a space for local and national artists to exhibit their works. Address: España 1648 entre Bélgica y Argentina , Guadalajara. +52 33 3455 1084. Reviews


Casa Granada: Santa Tere Colonia

Cafeteria-antique shop, filled with nostalgic Mexican furniture, doors and objects. Serve delicious coffee, artisanal beers, tapas and paninis. Address: Fermín Riestra 58, Santa Fe, 45168 Guadalajara. +52 33 3496 4927 - Reviews


Galería CURRO: Santa Tere Colonia

Opened in 2008 by a Guadalajara native, CURRO is a contemporary art gallery showcasing edgy, conceptual work by national and international artists with a very ambitious year-round program. It has a gallery space in the award-winning building ‘Torre CUBE’ by the Catalan architect Carme Pinós. Over more than ten years, it has established itself as a home for Mexican contemporary art outside Mexico City. They have in-house shows year-round, and they participate in international art fairs as well as private and public commissioned art projects. Address: C. Andrés Terán 726, Santa Teresita, 44200 Guadalajara. +52 33 1516 3714. Reviews


A beautiful 19th-century mansion displays a wide variety of traditional handicrafts. Very knowledgeable people but the turnover is dramatic. You may never get the same person twice. Inventory is incredible, however many of the antiques are not for sale but can be reproduced. The grounds and garden make for a lush setting. It is, however, very difficult to use their poorly designed website. Best to go in person to their store. Address: Calle Independencia 255, Tlaquepaque Centro, 44100 Guadalajara · +52 33 3635 3402 - Reviews

He is a prominent Mexican sculptor known for his ability to create expressive and unique works of art. His sculptures fuse elements of nature and Mexican culture, using a variety of materials such as paper mache, bronze and ceramics. His works convey a feeling of vitality and movement. Bustamante has gained international recognition and is considered an influential figure in contemporary Mexican art. Address: Independencia 238, col. Center. +52 33 3639-5519, 3639


Born in Mazatlan Sinaloa, México. Yuri is a Painter and sculptor. From an early age he was attracted to art, at the age of 6 he won his first painting competition, which woke up the beginning of a passionate international career. Yuri has become an icon of art worldwide. He has participated in more than 250 exhibitions around the world in cities such as; New York, Paris, London, Milan, Moscow, Dubai, Athens, Verona, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Santiago and Mexico City, among other. He has called Guadalajara his home. Address: Av. Rubén Darío 523, Circunvalación Vallarta, 44657 Guadalajara. +52 33 3624 8401. Reviews


Walk down the center of this Paseo to see the six monuments for the teens depicted on the main monument. On the main trendy avenue of Guadalajara, Chapultepec, with lots of bars and restaurants. Change exhibitions regularly. Address: Av. Chapultepec Nte. 80B, Ladrón de Guevara, Americana, 44600 Guadalajara. Reviews


Dávila is a blue-chip artist known for his assemblages which are spatial investigations and hybrids of painted wood, found objects, and plastics that resemble maquettes or quasi-functional structures. Dávila studied architecture at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (Guadalajara, MX). His work has been exhibited globally and forms part of international public and private collections such as Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, US; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, FR; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, to name a few. For appointment.


With a degree in Architecture from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), Mexico, Rico’s geometric sculptures and installations reflect his interest in the composition of objects and their relation to nature. He frequently uses neon, taxidermy, ceramics, branches, among other ready-made material and it is uses to juxtapose natural and unnatural objects to deconstruct and reexamine the role of contemporary humans on earth. He has had a very successful career and is considered to be one of Mexico’s blue-chip contemporary artists. His success is visible by looking at the plethora of art residencies, fellowships and awards he has received. Some of the international residencies he has participated include ASU Art Museum & CALA Alliance in Arizona, USA; CAMAC Center of Art, Science & Technology in France; The Seoul Art Space Gaumcheong in South Korea; Frans Meserel Centrum in Belgium among others. The artist’s work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows held all over the world, including OMR, Mexico City, Mexico; Perrotin, Paris, France; Perrotin, Seoul, South Korea; Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, USA; at the 58th Venice Biennale, and many more. His artwork has been collected by local and international foundations from South Korea, Spain, the USA, and Belgium. He is currently represented by OMR and Perrotin.


👉 To fully immerse yourself in the world of Guadalajara art, take a look at Curado Magazine's social networks.




🌟 Hospicio Cabañas Museum: Even if you only have four hours to visit Guadalajara, do not miss the Cabañas. It used to be a hospital and orphanage, but now it’s a museum and the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the city. First, it’s a 200-year-old building, so it’s worth seeing for that alone. But then of course there are the amazing murals by José Clemente Orozco, the famous 20th Century Mexican muralist who was from Jalisco. I recommend taking a guided tour, otherwise you will miss a lot, as far as the stories and techniques are concerned. Aside from Orozco’s works, the museum has a contemporary program connected to what’s happening now in the city and the world and a strong cultural programming in the working-class neighborhoods nearby. Even just walking around inside, you can get lost and suddenly come out onto a perfect patio with a fountain. It’s cool and quiet and so Guadalajara. Calle Cabañas 8, Plaza Tapatía, Centro.


🌟 MUSAThe Museum de las Artes Universidad de Guadalajara, belongs to the University, which means it always has quality exhibits. We try to never miss their shows. The curatorial aesthetic, which blends with the space, is often beautiful. They also have some more of Clemente Orozco’s murals in the ‘paranfino,’ one of their lecture rooms. Free. Juárez 975, C.P. 44100, Guadalajara, Jal., México.  +52(33) 3134 1664


🌟 MAZ: Museo de Zapopan. Free. Founded in 2002, the museum includes several large exhibition spaces that house temporary shows by leading contemporary artists. Andador 20 de Noviembre 166C.P. 45100 Zapopan, Centro.

👉 Special mention to go see the Lost 18th century painting that was returned to the people of Guadalajara in 2022. "San Ángel Carmelita preaching in the Basilica of San Juan de Letrán", a masterpiece by Antonio Enríquez, was rediscovered thanks to Canadian Art historian Alena Robin’s persistence, restored by the School of Conservation and Restoration of the West (ECR0) and returned to the people of Guadalajara in November 2022. You can see it at the Museo Regional de Guadalajara.






Pre-Maco: January 30 to Feb 4. An intimate four-day event filled with a big party at Cerámica Suro, followed by private tours of artists’ studios, galleries, and museums. This is, as the name suggests, the pre-party to Mexico City’s Zona Maco, the most important contemporary art fair in Latin America.



GDL WEEKEND TOUR: Feb 1-4. Also, in CDMX. In February, during pre-MACO [the weeklong lead-up to Mexico City’s annual art fair Zona MACO], you get to visit the studios of artists like Jose Dávila, Eduardo Sarabia, Jorge Méndez Blake. It’s such a great opportunity to meet the people who bring the city so much of its creative energy. 


ENART Tlaquepaque (free): Feb 13-17📍Centro Cultural El Refugio

Art Walk Ajijic Experience (free): Feb 14 & 15⏰11am-5pm👉Ajijic


Ajijic LCS Art Fair (free): March 8 & 9⏰ 10 am to 3 pm📍Ajijic LCS


Ajijic EXPO Venta Arte (free): March 8-10⏰ 10 am to 8 pm📍Plaza de Ajijic


ÁNIMA Art Festival (🎟️$300MXN): April 13⏰12-11pm📍Hacienda Arcadia (atrás de Cañadas). What's included in my ticket? Art gallery, installations, live music, movie cycle, art workshops, yoga, dance and icebath. The event also features a local artist marketplace, collaborative murals and a dining area. If you bought your ticket for the I edition your ticket is valid for the next one plus two complimentary drinks.

FLEUR Urban Music & Art Festival (🎟️$100 MXN w/ free beer). April 26-28⏰4-10 pm📍La Despeinada. The event is divided into 2 parts. On April 26 and 27 we are waiting for you at the gallery @raza_zangre where we will have a great selection of local clothing brands and a preview of the solo exhibition of and on Sunday April 28 at "La katrina" (on the side from the Basilica of Zapopan) where you can find great independent fashion projects and to close some of the best emerging music projects!



Art Festival de Mayo: Every May. Internationally known.


Sculptural Walk (Ruta Escultórica): Every year, from July 15 to September 15. A Galería Trieste project, aiming to bring people closer to the work of national and international plastic artists. It's an open-air gallery in which works by young and established sculptors are showcased over one kilometer of about 50 sculptures in a traveling exhibition of great sculpture art works on Paseo Andares, the Plazoleta and The Landmark, that are transformed into a temporary museum.



TlaqueArte Expo (free): Sept 20-23⏰10.30 am to 8 pm 📍EXPO GDL


Check regularly the Centro Cultural Ajijic for events.




Estación Material - Estación Material is Mexico’s traveling contemporary art fair. Similar to Pre-Maco, this fair is also an extension of a much larger art fair located in Mexico City which is named Material and is a satellite fair to Zona Maco. This is the first year for the traveling fair and is set to take place at the end of October.



Feria Maestros del Arte Chapala ($100 pesos): November 8-10⏰ 9.30 am to 5 pm📍Club de Yates de Chapala, Ramon Corona #1, Chapala.



Fain Fair: Dec 1-3⏰12-8 pm📍GDL.This is an art fair championing emerging artists from all of Mexico with locations in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City as well as online. In each city, people who attend the fair are invited to visit artists' studios to know about their art practice. Prices of artwork for this fair range from $250 to $3,000.



Most are hidden. The most knowledgeable bilingual Art Guide is Alexandra Duncan with GDL Art Crawl ($900 pesos for 3.5 hours). In Spanish and English.  She works with many leading local artists and knows their secret locations. She’ll take you behind closed doors to discover Guadalajara's thriving art scene and to meet the artists in their studios. That’s how TWIG bought their very first art piece in GDL, from well-known local artist Jesús Villalpando Feng.




The oldest is Street Art Tour by Karen Mora. Join her to walk the streets of Guadalajara and discover what the street have to say through graffiti and urban art. In Spanish or English. ($400 pesos for 1 hour.)


Stroll the historic center of Guadalajara learning the culture and history directly from a local expert Fernando and appreciate the murals of Jose Clemente Orozco in the Cabañas Museum, considered one of the three great exponents of Mexican muralism along with Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. In Spanish and English. ($790 pesos for 3 hours).

Cultural excursion on Mexican muralism in Guadalajara ($99 US for 4 hours). In Spanish and English.


👉 FREE art courses offered by UNAM online (National Autonomous University of Mexico).


For Kids/Family:

  • Globo, Museo de la Niñez: Offers regular kids Art & Crafts free workshops. In Spanish only.

  • KidZania Art School: 1-12. Learn the different processes and technologies to make art or crafts with different materials. 

  • KidZania Acting Academy: 4-14. Children learn actor´s skills and perform on the stage of theater.

  • Ajijic Children's Art program: The program is free and continues to flourish through the support of the Lake Chapala Society (LCS) and many dedicated volunteers. If the kids just want to enjoy themselves with drawing and painting, that's fine. If they are more advanced, we have teachers to help them with acrylic, oil, abstract, and other techniques.

  • Ceramic Courses for Children: Casa Ceniza: Collaborative Ceramics Workshops. Directed by@maxinealvarez. Let kid's imagination fly and create clay creatures. Includes drink and snacks.ildr

  • Gardening Workshop for kids: It is organized by Ahuehuete, a small oasis in the American Colony dedicated to plants and coffee. The workshop is oriented towards learning general aspects of plants, their importance in life and how to care for them,” say the organizers. They will recognize the types of plants that exist, what their parts are and what the general care is to keep them healthy: such as watering, cleaning leaves and transplants. Ignacio L. Vallarta 1069-B.

  • Acting/Jazz: Foro Punto Escénico Performing Arts School. Av. Niños Héroes #2639, Guadalajara. +52 33 2541 0472.

  • Nelson Mandela Institute: From pre-school to secondary school ages.

  • Ballet Classes: Escuela de Artes Jalisco 

  • González Gallo Cultural Center: In Chapala is our Artistic Initiation School associated with INBAL, at the González Gallo Cultural Center students of different ages learn from different disciplines. We want to invite children and young people, between 6 and 19 years old, to apply for the second semester placement exam in Fine and Visual Arts, Dance, Music or Theatre. +55 3318569357. Email: Free with limited spaces.

  • Photography: YOU by Nidia offers photography private classes in Guadalajara & Zapopan or join the Children's Photography Program at The Lake Chapala Society. Send an email to:

  • Ask any of the workshops below for their kids/family options. Most teachers are flexible.

Acting Classes:

🎭Are you an adult and would like to develop in the theater field experientially and experientially? Here's your chance! Join a free workshop with an experienced and specialized teacher, Claudia Anguiano "Clos", who returns this year with this Sabatino workshop at Foro de Arte y Cultura. Pre-Registration by phone: 3313-67-83-56.

🎭Canta Cinema: Academy of Performing Arts and Korean Cafe. Learn from the professionals of the scene.

🎭Resistencia Escénica: Emerging art festival and professional artistic workshops.

🎭El Tercer Grupo: Artistic and Cultural Center giving action and theater classes.

Art Classes:

🎨Take an Art Class/Workshop at Open Art Studio Manos Libres (Ajijic)

🎨Art Classes: Escuela de Artes Jalisco. Activities program include classes for toddlers, teens, youth, adults and seniors.

🎨Jalisco School of Arts offers multiple workshops from Arts, to Dance, to Performing, to Audiovisual.

Audiovisual Film Classes:


Duration: 7 Sessions (2.5 hrs each). Location: CASA HIDALGO American Col. 3322854075. FB page.

🎥 Jalisco School of Arts offers multiple workshops from Arts, to Dance, to Performing, to Audiovisual.

🎥 Cineka is a film club to discover the world through cinema. Functions + popcorn + workshops.

Cake Painting:

🎂Go for a drink and paint, only this time instead of a canvas, you will receive a cake so you can decorate it to your liking. The experience also includes a pizza and wine. April 6, 2024,

 5:30 to 8:30 pm. 📍 VC Cupcakes. $950 MXN per person.


🕯 Live the experience of making your own candle while enjoying the atmosphere of this cute cafe. You don't require any skills! Includes material and a drink from the bar. April 6, 2024,

5 pm📍 Kona Café - $490 MXN per person/. Pedro Moreno 1104, Americana.



José Noé Suro is the major art patron in Guadalajara. He is an entrepreneur, factory owner of Cerámica Suro, arguably Mexico’s most recognized ceramic factory and a major art collector. Suro has turned his family’s ceramic factory that manufactured dinnerware and decorative objects into an incubator for global artists, working with such recognized names as Eduardo Sarabia, Renata Morales, the Haas Brothers, and Sarah Crowner to name a few. Suro is also the founder of PreMaco and the host of the new traveling art fair, Estación Material. You can make an appointment for a tour of his artisanal workshop — a space where artists come from all over the world to produce work. Calle 5 1006, Colón Industrial


Pottery Workshop Taller de Lodos with Ro: Imagine yourself making pottery like in the movie Ghost. A romantic, and funny experience.


Taller 48 gives workshops to create and paint your own mug or flowerpot while you drink wine and eat different Wood-fired pizza. They offer this workshop with brunch options too, and they serve mimosas and other types of food.


Ceramic and tiles Workshop at Azulejos Talavera Cantú in Tlaquepaque. Reviews


Mud/Clay Workshop (Tonalli or Barro or Apple Roots) at Paco Padilla Workshop in Tlaquepaque (1.5 hours, $550 pesos). One of the wonders in Tlaquepaque is the studio of the artist Rodo Padilla and the way he represents these emblematic characters from Mexican life. They’re very playful. The objective of his workshop is to learn how to paint a piece of ceramic in the Tonalá style, with dog hair, cat hair or squirrel tail brushes. It is a very particular style of the region, considered by connoisseurs as “The best in Mexico.” Reviews

Tlaquepaque Various Art Workshops Experience hosted by Claudia Mariana ($900 pesos for 7 hours).

Casa Ceniza: Collaborative Ceramics Workshops. Directed by@maxinealvarez.

Casa Trezna: Various modern style creative workshops from resine to ceramic. Well known.

Roni Collective: Ceramic making and painting with coffee, wine or brunch. Locations vary between several famous Cafe Bar.

Paint your ceramic mug: This workshop includes a drink (coffee, matcha, latte), dessert and a ceramic mug ready to paint by Gratitud Cerámica. You will take it home.


🎪Foro NMOR LAB: Would you like to learn Circus for FREE with the cast of NMOR Espectáculos y Multimedia? Free admission with registration (Each workshop is limited to 30 people). Av. Francia #1438 Colonia Moderna, Guadalajara, Mexico - +52 33 2235 4108


💃La Cochera Cultural: Tango and more. Ajijic.

💃Las Cabales: Flamanco, Tango, and dance school. GDL.

💃Kali Catrinas Foro Café: Belly dance classes from Tuesday to Saturday. Times and rates with Elis Go - Dark Art

💃Jalisco School of Arts offers multiple workshops from Arts, to Dance, to Performing, to Audiovisual.

💃 Bollywood: Indian dances Bollywood dance by the teacher Izumi Hool, Director of the N'joum Bellydancers company and the HOOLEM Ballet Founder and director of Bruxas Acade.

💃 46&2 Artes Escénicas: Arabic & Gypsy dance workshops.

💃 Flamenco: Cibbar Flamenco dance studio.

💃 Casa Cultural Santa Tere: From Barre to Bionergetic Dance, this cultural center offers workshops in many fields including music, and relationships.

Drawing / Painting / Digital Art:


🎨Grey Jeremy Art: Painting classes in realism, digital, carbon and oil with a BFA in fine art teacher. In English and Spanish. Kids or adult workshops online or in person. Reviews


🎨Mini-Print Workshop with Contemporary Artist ISKAR.

🎨Jardín Estudio Creativo: Creative space focused on visual experimentation.

Floral & Plants Design:

🌸If you want to start professional floral design, this course is for you! Rancho San Juan diego, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga. +52 33 2961 4125. Located 50 minutes from Guadalajara, this sunflower and cempasúchil fields have caught the attention of visitors because of its incredible views.

🌸Plant Pots Painting: Ahuehuete • Plantas y Café offers diverse workshops related to plants, customizing your plants pots, and more.



💎Creative Stretch Bracelet Jewelry Workshop by Hannah ($600 pesos for 1 hour). In English.


🎶La Cochera Cultural: Ukulele, guitar, saxo and more. Ajijic.

🎶Jalisco School of Arts offers multiple workshops from Music, Arts, to Dance, to Performing, to Audiovisual.

🎶Casa Cultural Santa Tere: From Barre to Bionergetic Dance, this cultural center offers workshops in many fields including music, instruments and relationships.

Origami Workshop:

BioTU, the local sustainable learning centre in Jocotepec, dedicated to sustainability education, that incorporates the knowledge of indigenous peoples about how to live within natural limits with the benefits that the modern world offers. La Laguna, 45803 Jocotepec, Jalisco. Phone: +52 33 3831 1260. See their FB page for events.




Printmaking Studio | Gallery | Art Residency. Printmaking workshop on Saturdays and Thursdays. Contact Manuel Ruelas Fases to book a guided tour or workshop. Address: C. Mexicaltzingo 1681, Americana, 44170 Guadalajara. Reviews



 Tarot Cards:

🃏At Mosto Pizztería we like to promote culture and art and offer workshops exploring the magic of Tarot and art. All workshops will lasting two hours. Information to +52 33 2934 6939

1212 Hidalgo Avenue, American Colony.


BRUNA is a feast for your five senses. It is the combination one of the most beautiful restaurants in GDL, with one of the most prominent contemporary Mexican art gallery.  It is the meeting point between art and haute cuisine, a fusion that generates the BRUNA experience. TIP: You must order a cocktail or mocktail and ask for the free Art Tour (English available) after your dinner. Address: Lerdo de Tejada no. 2418, Col. Lafayette, Guadalajara.


Cafetal 97 is a night bar, art gallery and restaurant that combines live good music performances with art exhibitions and delicious food and drink options. José Guadalupe Zuno 1797, American colony, Guadalajara.





The two main art and craft municipalities around Guadalajara are Tlaquepaque and Tonalá. You can spend the whole day exploring them.

There are many similarities between Tlaquepaque and Tonalá but the craft market in Tonalá is outdoors and much bigger than the markets in Tlaquepaque. Tlaquepaque has more high-end galleries and historic mansions while Tonalá is a little more working class.


Tlaquepaque: Called also San Pedro Tlaquepaque is the principal center of arts and Mexican crafts. In this place, you will be able to get gifts, purchases crafts, furnish your home or take workshops from talented artisans. Simply walk down Pasaje Independencia from the stunning Sergio Bustamante Gallery (Independencia 238) to the end of the avenue and you’ll be in Art heaven. Stop and shop without moderation.


Tonala: Discover the artisanal city and handicraft in tonalá with tour guide Mayra ($665 pesos for 2 hours) or DIY with TWIG’s Tonalá curated guide ($200 pesos).


Tlaquepaque & Tonala art & mercados fully private tour ($110 US for 6 hours). In Spanish and English.


Tonalá and Tlaquepaque Artisans Tour ($72 US for 6 hours). In Spanish and English.


On Saturdays at Parque Revolución (Parque Rojo) there’s the giant Tianguis Cultural, including a woman only section.  

Tianguis Cultural de Paseo Chapultepec: Several nights a week, the park is filled with vendors selling individual art and indigenous art from across Mexico. A lot of people refer to this type of market as a cultural flea market. Sundays off Chapultepec and Avenida Mexico there’s an art gallery that has an art market with alternative art such as Queer, or whimsical.


Chapalita Art Market: On Sunday afternoon many local families like to enjoy the park in the middle of the Glorieta Chapalita where an art market has occured for decades. More than just art, there are some great restaurants, small food vendors, yoga classes, and book vendors. The demographic is a little bit older but there are some families as well. The Guadalajara and Zapopan Music Bands often play there on Sundays afternoon.


Tianguis Artesanal de Tonalá on Thursdays & Sundays. It is a large outdoor market or tianguis that is set up on Avenida Tonaltecas with its wide sidewalks. There are plenty of vendors setting up in Plaza Cihualpilli around the Presidencia Municipal and the indoor market. Tianguis Tonalá Address: Avenida Tonaltecas, Tonalá. Tianguis Tonalá Hours: 8AM – 3PM Thursday & Sunday


Jacaranto Bazar Festival of local creators brands: It takes place on the first Sunday of each month, and brings together creative talent from Guadalajara and activities. Great for families, kids and pets. First Sunday of each month⏰ 10 am - 8 pm📍Parque Arcos de Guadalupe and May 12-14⏰11 am to 8 pm📍EXPO GDL. They offer lots of live creative workshops such as "Paint your own tote bag $450 with drink and supplies included" or "Watercolor paint on cookies" $150, or 🎭Paint your mask for free.


UTU Bazar: July 1-2 & Sept 30⏰11 am to 7 pm 📍EXPO GDL


La Mirilla Festival (free): March 2 & 3⏰ Day📍Parque Silvano Barba 



Most art stores are in Centro Historico by the cathedral. The best ones are DibuJarte, Lumen, La Bauhaus Papeleria,  Arte y Diseño Fraustro.


Another great area for art stores is Santa Tere. At least a dozen of them are sprinkled a block west of Mercado Corona along Ortega between Juarez and Juan Manuel.


Not to forget the amazing Art & Craft store Fantasias Miguel. Address: Mariano Otero 3396 Col. Rinconada del Sol 44550 Guadalajara.



In the past, aspiring artists would head to New York or Paris as soon as they could. However, artists are now opting for emerging art centers like Guadalajara, where life is affordable, and they have more artistic freedom.


The Guadalajara and Zapopan governments do a lot to encourage artistry in our beautiful city. Many contests are offered to help artists find work and recognition. If you’re an artist, check regularly the offered contests:



Also check these programs meant to help artists. Most are free.


  • LIN (Zapopan Innovation Laboratory): Located in Tecolandia, it offers a wide variety of tools, machines and spaces to create your prototypes. Think of it as an incubator.  Av. Sta. Cecilia 628, Real del Parque, 45140 Zapopan.

  • Creativa GDL: Join the vibrant Creativa GDL community and enjoy free access to our various creation spaces and meeting points. Check their FB for regular events.

  • Guadalajara Disueña 2024 is a contest to find talents in the industries of textile fashion, accessories, jewelry, footwear and furniture. Deadline April 5.

  • Join the project Núcleo de Artes Vivas y Educación (NAVE): Created in March 2023, the program is aimed at students of the Bachelor of Arts and the interested public. It offers 12 open classes, 3 fields or creative seedbeds, 3 laboratories, community activities, a residency program (March to December) and every month they have the athenaeums, which are monthly talks to share projects. Address: The Juan Soriano Gallery of the “Agustín Yáñez” House of Jalisco Culture,It is located on Calle Constituciónntes #21, in the Colonia Moderna, Guadalajara. Register here. Full program.

  • 360 Xochi Quetzal Artists Residency: Located in Ajijic, our aim at 360 Xochi Quetzal is to support artists, writers and performers who would benefit from having uninterrupted time to devote to their creativity. By providing affordable live/work rentals to visiting artists, we hope that our residents can make artistic progress without the stress and distractions of daily life.

  • Auditions for Actors Speaking English: Lakeside Little Theater (LTT) and BRAVO Theater.

  • La Cochera Cultural is a creative centre in Ajijic, to inspire and manifest the dreams of children and adults. It mainly provides artists with a space to live, work, as a forum for presentations and classes. Where they can share their creative energy with the local community, as well as with other artists, foreign residents and visitors in Ajijic.








Voila!  We hope you learned a lot from our Art guide and will add some gorgeous art to your home or take your paint brush out!

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  1. Where can I relax in Guadalajara? TWIG recommends a day in nature at Bosque Los Colomos, to catch a movie with a VIP experience at Cinepolis VIP, the best facial at Miel & Leche, meditating at Centro Khamlungpa, read a book in the quiet court of Impronta Casa Editora, or play a board game at La Madriguera, among the best options for a chilled day.

  2. Are there quiet spots to unwind in GDL? Yes! TWIG recommends to find a quiet spot in Bosque Los Colomos, Mirador Independencia Park, or Jardin Botánico.

  3. What are the top recommended chill places by locals in Guadalajara? Ecocentro Providencia, Rancho San Juan Diego, Lakeside Chapala Spas, Casa Habita pool, and Centro Khamlungpa to chill for the day.

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Want more of everything going on in Guadalajara? Subscribe to TWIG’s free weekly newsletter to get the best of Guadalajara in your inbox. And get the “Best of Guadalajara List” to know the top bilingual professionals in 30+ categories (from private drivers to doctors).

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