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Best Studios, Galleries, and Artistic Programs

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS: Bárbara Repostería bakery, Eliza Osher.

🎨🖼 Guadalajara, Mexico's second-largest city, has been gaining popularity among the international art world elite since the mid-90s. 


This region is one of Mexico's most important cultural centers, with influential Mexican figures, such as muralists Jose Clemente Orozco, modernist architect Luis Barragán, and Oscar-winning film director Guillermo del Toro, to name a few.


As much as it is the guardian of traditions, Guadalajara is also a vanguard of the new. Despite being an emerging art market when compared to the art world capitals of New York and London, Guadalajara does have a developed cultural infrastructure that has helped to retain local artists and gain the attention of the international world.


Let's take a look at Guadalajara's vibrant Art scene.


In this guide you’ll discover the best:

🎨Map of Art Galleries & Art Exhibitions Calendar

🎨Five Galleries That You Should Visit in Tlaquepaque

🎨3 Museums Not to Miss

🎨Key Art Events

🎨Secret Artist Studios

🎨Murals Walking Tours

🎨Art Workshops & Classes

🎨Art with Dinner

🎨Full Day Art Discovery  

🎨Art Markets & Bazaars

🎨Art Supplies Stores

🎨Artists Programs / Schools and Resources


Shall we start?

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