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From Must-See Spots to Secret Gems

In 1963, Puerto Vallarta was a charming remote fishing village in western Mexico. There were no roads into the town, no telephones either, and both plumbing, and electricity was decidedly erratic.


When American director, John Huston, chose it as the most unlikely location for shooting his anticipated movie "The Night of the Iguana," based on a successful Broadway play by Tennessee Williams, Puerto Vallarta experienced a shock.


The movie featured stars like Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, and Deborah Kerr. Mega movie star Elizabeth Taylor was not part of the cast, but accompanied her soon-to-be fifth husband, Richard Burton, for the duration of the shoot. The film showcased the beauty of Mismaloya Beach while the paparazzi publicized the adulterous affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the tabloids and newsreels of the day.  Though John Huston stated in his book, “there were more reporters on the site than iguanas…”

From late September through early December in 1963 the small village of Puerto Vallarta was deluged with hundreds of media and paparazzi from around the world, eager to report on the expected ruckus. Visitors and tourists flocked in, turning the village into a city. This publicity helped to attract foreign investors in the 1970s, which brought about the massive expansion of Puerto Vallarta, jumping from 15,000 habitants to over 35,000.


It was the beginning of Puerto Vallarta’s popularity, which was a mixed blessing, as it now grew to over 300,000 habitants with a high dependency on tourism.


To help you discover or enjoy Puerto Vallarta as best as it deserves, TWIG curated 3 different itineraries offering a mix of relaxation, exploration, and adventure, making for a perfect weekend getaway in this beautiful resort town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

In this guide you will learn:

🌴 The must-see spots

🌴 The key events of the year

🌴 The off the beaten path gems

🌴 Curated Google Itinerary Maps

🌴 The cool facts about Puerto Vallarta

🌴 The 3 perfect itineraries to help you beat tourism

🌴 The glamourous & dark sides of Puerto Vallarta

🌴 How to experience Puerto Vallarta in the cinematographic way

🌴 And so much more...


We dare you to find a more complete article on Puerto Vallarta 😉 Let’s start!

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