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Preparing for Environmental and Security Challenges

Let’s be clear, this article is not about scaring the hell out of you but to help you explore the critical challenges Mexico is facing, from water scarcity and rising sea levels to the growing threat of organized crime so you can be better equipped for these major upcoming crises in Mexico.


How can you possibly prepare and make wiser choices if you don’t know what’s coming ahead?


In this article, you'll learn:

🚨What needs to be done to resolve Mexico’s growing water crisis

🚨Which states in Mexico are recommended to live or avoid

🚨Security & elections predictions

🚨Behind the scenes facts & numbers

🚨Which countries are or are not on the water-secure list and CPI list.

🚨And more


👉Are you ready to face an important part of global reality? Let’s go!

Cheers to a safe and happy life!

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