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This week, our Golden TWIG (This Week in Guadalajara) goes to the TWIG Team deciding to SURPRISE each other once a week with an unexpected event! That's how I ended up in a Uber at 7.30pm last night, not knowing where we were headingAll I knew is that I had to wear comfortable shoes. AND at 8pm, I found myself dancing SWING with a group of strangers in a super cool Jazz Beer Bar, Beer in the Woods, I never heard of. What a fun night we had and some of those strangers are meant to become friends!

Why? Dancing feels amazing! I was so tired when I sat in the Uber, and so energized and happy when I returned home. Beer in the Woods, is a really cool JAZZ bar concept. Every Tuesday is SWING dance at 8pm and every Thursday is a really good Jazz band playing. Check their calendar of events...

Where: Plaza Sania - piso 1 - Local L23, Av. Ignacio L. Vallarta 3300 44690 Guadalajara

When: 8PM Tuesdays & Thursdays for cool social events!


  • When is the last time your surprised your spouse, partner, or family? What about you do it soon

  • Very friendly, bilingual, attendance.

  • Cool location

  • Cool decor with giant TV and speakers playing Jazz.

Special tip: It's a great place to bring the kids too if you are parents. Order a delicious pizza for the bambinos and have the parents SWING!

Emotions you may encounter: Energized. Wanting more. Feeling grateful to live in fun Guadalajara. Starting a weekly habit of surprising each others

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Contact us anytime you have ideas and suggestions. Together we will make TWIG the most comprehensive website for all Entertainment in Guadalajara!


Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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