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Golden TWIG 10/5/22: The French Cinema TOUR

This week, our Golden TWIG (This Week in Guadalajara) goes to the French Cinema TOUR🙏Last year, attending it, we saw some of the BEST French movies of the year!

Why? It is a very high quality itinerant exhibition that presents the best selection of contemporary French cinema (in original version with Spanish subtitles) from around the Mexican Republic, Central America, Argentina and Chile, prior to its commercial release in theaters.

When: From October 6th to 19th

Where: Cinepolis Theaters or CINEFORO University of Guadalajara (Cineforo)


  • Tickets are offered for only $180 MXN for 4 tickets or 2 VIP Tickets

  • This year selection is amazing

  • Film 1: Alta Costura (Haute couture) trailer

  • Film 2: Crónica de Una Relación Pasajera (Chronique d’une liaison passagère) trailer

  • Film 3: El Mundo Según Pierre (C'est magnifique!) trailer

  • Film 4: En Movimiento (En corps) trailer

  • Film 5: La Brigada de Cocina (La brigade) trailer

Special tip: For a full experience, make a reservation for dinner in a French restaurant near the theater you pick! And if you want to practice your French, check out "Parle En Français" or

Emotions you may encounter: Trying your best French words like "Je suis tres belle" ou "Oh la la que j'aime Guadalajara!", "Vive le Cinema."

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Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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