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Golden TWIG 10/12/22: Carmina Burana by the Jalisco Ballet🙏

This week, our Golden TWIG (This Week in Guadalajara) goes to Carmina Burana by the Jalisco Ballet🙏

Why? We saw it at Teatro Degollado last July with our dear friend Michelle Smith and it was mind blowing! It truly is Carl Orff’s spectacular masterpiece. Any lover of classical music should see it at least once in their lifetime.

When: This Friday October 14, 2022 @ 8PM


  • Tickets start at $300 MXN - Duration 2H

  • A Bit of History: On March 29, 1934, Carl Orff received a much anticipated parcel with his mail. It contained an obscure book whose title had happened to catch his eye in a catalogue some weeks before. He later recalled, “On opening it I immediately found, on the front page, the long famous picture of ‘Fortune with her wheel,’ and under it the lines: “O Fortunavelut lunastatu variabilis". “Picture and words seized hold of me. […] a new work, a stage work with singing and dancing choruses, simply following the illustrations and texts, at once came into my mind. On the very same day I had outlined a sketch in short score of the first chorus ‘O Fortuna.’”

  • Carmina Burana translates as Songs Of Beuren. From a 12th and 13th century manuscript found in Beuern in 1803, Carl Orff chose 24 texts in Latin and Old German to create the work: “Carmina Burana” which he subtitled: “Secular songs for singers and choirs together with magical instruments and images ”. It was premiered in Frankfurt in 1937 and is one of the most famous works of the 20th century.

  • The work is divided into three parts: The first part, “Primo Vere” (“In Early Spring”), presents youthful, energetic dances; the second part, “In Taberna” (“In the Tavern”), evokes drunken feasting and debauchery; and courtship and romantic love are the subject of the third part, “Cour d’Amours” (“Court of Love”).

  • It was intended to be staged with dance

  • It is considered to be the most important collection of Goliard and vagabond songs, along with the Carmina Cantabrigiensia. The manuscripts reflect an international European movement, with songs originating from Occitania, France, England, Scotland, Aragon, Castile and the Holy Roman Empire.

  • The original manuscript is now housed in the Bavarian State Library, in Seckau Abbey, Austria.

  • To learn why despite its success and lasting popular appeal, Carmina Burana is tarnished by a dark side, read this article by the Houston Symphony.

Special tip: PALCCO offers food & drinks that you can enjoy in the lobby's salon or bring with you during the performance.

Emotions you may encounter: AWE! It's one of the most emotional music & ballet performances ever created.

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Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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