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Golden TWIG 2/17/23: The Festival of Light

This week, our Golden TWIG (This Week in Guadalajara) goes to the amazing Festival of Light

Why? It's truly unique and well organized. A beautiful gift from the city of Guadalajara for its 481st Anniversary!

When? Until Sunday Feb 19 - Opens at 7pm CT (GDL Time)

Where? Left side of the Cathedral, Centro Historico


  • You'll have 3 shows, every hour, starting at 8 PM, at three different locations: Cathedral, Plaza de la Liberación (near sign "Guadalajara") and Museo Cabañas.

  • Enter at 7.30 PM and get a good spot near the podium Plaza de la Liberación (near sign "Guadalajara"). Show will start at 8 PM. Be prepared for traditional folklore, followed by a great DJ and dance music, with a beautiful firework finale.

  • Once the show ends, walk in the direction of Museo Cabañas. Easy, pleasant walk, with lots of space to move and breathe despite the crowd.

  • Find several small shows and concerts on the way. Admire the beautiful lighting.

  • 8 PM: Enjoy the Circus show at Museo Cabañas. Clowns. Acrobats. Orchestra.

  • Once the show ends, walk back in the direction of Cathedral. Enjoy looking at things from a different angle. Although you came that way, you'll discover lots of new visuals.

  • Stops by a bar on the way and enjoy the refreshment while watching the activities.

  • Once reaching back the Plaza de la Liberación (near sign "Guadalajara"), ask a security guard for the closest street corner to catch a Uber or taxi. It was very close and easy for us. In 10 minutes we were on our way back home.

  • Voila! A breeze. Super well organized. We were 7 of us and never lost track of each others. So don't be scared by the crowd :)

Special tip: We enjoyed our early 5.30 PM dinner at the authentic Mexican restaurant El Pilón de Los Arrieros, located a 15 minute walk from the Cathedral on the lovely quiet Plaza de las 9 Esquinas. One of the best restaurants to savor the famous dishes from Guadalajara.

Emotions you may encounter: Dancing feet. Mesmerized. Awe. Appreciation.🙂

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Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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