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Golden TWIG 1/8/23: PREPARING for February, the Month of LOVE & Guadalajara's BIRTH

Why? It's a New Year full of possibility. Couples can celebrate their relationships. Singles can find love in the most random places.

When: February 14. But for TWIG, it's Friday February 10, from 7-10 pm

Where: Check our one of a kind TWIG Valentine's Party RSVP Required.


  • 2/14/2014 - Ellen Page received a standing ovation after her emotional coming out speech at the Human Rights Campaign “Time to Thrive.”

  • 2/14/1967 - Aretha Franklin recorded “Respect.”

  • 2/14/1931 - The original “Dracula” movie premiered in New York City, starring Bela Lugosi.

  • 2/14/1876 - Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent for the telephone.

  • Finally, on February 14, 1542, our beautiful city of Guadalajara was founded at its current site.

Special tip: Valentine's Day is a valuable holiday because it's about the connection between loved ones (not just couples). It should be about quality time, intentionality and devotion to loving one another well. There is a lot that can be derived from celebrating this holiday. Despite its capitalist and profit-centered roots in the United States, Valentine’s Day still has a sweet connotation that can be used as an excuse for lovers and family members alike to go out of their way to spend time with one another and remember their feelings for one another. Read more.

Emotions you may encounter: LOVE for yourself, your partner, your friends and family :)

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Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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