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Golden TWIG 11/4/22: The Underdogs of Día de Los Muertos🙏

This week, our Golden TWIG (This Week in Guadalajara) goes to the Underdogs of Día de Los Muertos🙏

Why? While Guadalajara & Tlaquepaque have offered their best shows between October 31 and November 2, the Fashion City of Zapotlanejo will exhibit the 2nd largest Catrina in the world until November 13, and Tonala will hosts its festivities from today till November 7th. Special THANKS to TWIG's member, Brian Arnzen, for bringing it to our attention!

When: Until November 13, 2022!



  • Located 35 kms (25 min drive) east of Guadalajara, Zapotlanejo celebrates the textile industry, a very important part of this city, and tells the story of how women began to undertake this business that now leaves a very important economic impact. You can admire the Giant Catrina (she holds in her hand a cloth with the traditional cross stitch, which is woven manually) until November 13 from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. Article. YouTube video.

  • Festival of the dead Tonala (November 4 to 6): Discover a program of activities that will take place at Paseo de los Guardianes de la Reina on Avenida Tonalá, highlighting: exhibition of altars of the dead, film screenings, makeup for attendees, arts forum, skulls, theater, music and dance.

Special tip: Understand The True Origins Of La Catrina | Dia de los Muertos before heading to the Fashion City of Zapotlanejo to admire the 2nd largest Catrina in the world until November 13.

Emotions you may encounter: Delight from this sublime tradition. Understanding. Appreciation. Discovery.

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Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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