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Discover the City's Top Sports Teams and Events!

The most popular sport in Mexico is football (soccer) followed by boxing. However, there are regional variations: for example, baseball is the most popular sport in the northwest and the southeast of the country. Charrería (Mexican rodeo) is the national sport of Mexico.

As the birthplace of the charrería (sport similar to rodeo), the state of Jalisco's rich sporting history has captivated visitors for decades, and as the region continues to welcome annual experiences, athletics enthusiasts will delight in a variety of thrilling competitions.


The state regularly hosts international tournaments such as the WTA Women Tennis tournament, and Guadalajara will be among 16 cities to host the ultra-anticipated 2026 FIFA World Cup, solidifying the state's standing as a global sports destination.


From traditional Mexican pastimes like charrio and lucha libre to modern baseball and soccer, Guadalajara is the perfect place for all types of sports fans.


In this article you will discover:

⚽The major local teams

🏀The top international events

🏈The best venues to practice sports (adults & kids)

👟Best hicking groups

🎉The traditional sports pastimes

🎉The best sports bars


Let’s not wait any longer. Ready for a good game? Let’s go!

SPORTS WhatsApp Free Chat: GDL Sports, Games & Fitness

Find players

Organize meetups to play or watch games

Find a gym buddy

Learn a new sport/game

Keep yourself accountable



The Mexico national baseball team is the baseball team that represents Mexico in international tournaments. It is currently the 2rd-ranked baseball team in the world.


GDL is home of two different teams: the Charros and the Mariachis of GDL.

The Charros de Jalisco compete in both the Mexican Pacific League (LMP) and the Mexican League (LMB), based in Zapopan, Jalisco, in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Their home ballpark is Estadio Panamericano, which has a capacity of 16,500 people. The team won the Mexican League championship twice, in 1964 and 1975.


The Mariachis are part of the Mexican Pacific League (LMP) that is made up of 10 teams. The champion team represents Mexico in the Caribbean Series, featuring the respective champions of Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


PLAYING SEASON: The LMP regular season runs from October to December and consists of two rounds. At the end of the regular season, a postseason (playoffs) is held in January.


GET TICKETS: Website. Tickets start as low as $70 MXN.



Triple Play (Arcos Vallarta)




Basketball is the third most popular team sport in Mexico, with 6 professional basketball leagues including the LNBP, CIBACOPA, LBE, CIBAPAC, CIBABAJ and LBP. Of the bunch, the LNBP is considered the most prestigious with CIBACOPA being second.



GDL is home of the Astros Jalisco Stars (Los Astros de Jalisco) who play in the Astros Arena with a capacity for 3,509 fans. They are part of the CIBACOPA league.


PLAYING SEASON: The regular season is played from the last days of March and ends until the first days of June, while the playoffs end the first days of July.


GET TICKETS: Website. Tickets start as low as $100 MXN.



Club Atlas (Chapalita)

Club de La Colina (Zapopan – Plaza Patria)

San Javier Club Private, A.C. (Colinia St Javier)

Club Atlas Colomos (Colomos – Zapopan)Guadalajara Metropolitan Park (Zapopan)



From May 2 to 5, Puerto Vallarta will host the thirty-fourth edition of the International Sports Classic; an unmissable event for basketball fans since 1990.


The top cycling events in Guadalajara (GDL) include the Great Tour GDL, Vía RecreActiva, Bicinema, and Paseo Camaleones. Additionally, there are 900+ cycling routes and 16+ bike rides available. Most people get on their bikes to ride here in the months of January and July. Most cyclists ride around the circuit at Estadio Akron which is called the ciclovía. Vías Verdes in Tala is great for recreation.


Vehicle rights still rule in GDL so make sure to be aware of these rules to stay safe.


Vía RecreActiva is an awesome weekly occurrence sponsored by the city. Every Sunday, from 8am-2pm, many major streets and avenues are closed for recreational use only and traffic is rerouted – cars, buses, you name it, they all take a backseat for once to people and their bikes, roller blades, skateboards, wheelchairs, and feet. Volunteers manage the intersections to enhance safety and many, many people come out to get some exercise and enjoy (hopefully) beautiful weather. It’s wonderful to partake in it just for the sake of it all, and if you don’t go for the exercise, go for the music, art, or other things! More than 52 free events are held annually. Via RecreActiva is 18 years old. See its history and positive impact.

Via RecreActiva WhatsApp chat (free) to join a group biking.


Bike the City by night with the Night Bikers. Every Wednesday at 10 pm from Av. México y Av. Chapultepec, Gdl. Event for the whole family by bike, skates, skateboard, or running.


An organization dedicated to biking and all that it entails – latest news, safety, rights, access, the environment, and so on. The group has spawned or expanded upon numerous events and projects, including Bicicleta Blanca. For more information, see the following links:


Bicinema is an organization of biking and film enthusiasts who invite you to join them on a weekly group ride through some predetermined section of the city for that particular week (routes differ from week-to-week, think of it as a sightseeing tour of sorts), followed by a film viewing in a local business establishment. It’s intended to promote bicycling and it’s all free, except for whatever snacks and drinks you might get for yourself during the movie. They even have a few loaner bikes available if you don’t have your own, but no guarantees that there will be any still available by the time you show up.


The physical home of GDL en Bici, located in the Santa Teresita (Santa Tere for short) neighborhood of the city. The building houses la Bici Cueva (the Bike Cave), a community repair room open to the public during specific days and hours of the week where you can work on your bike with their tools and expertise at your disposal. It is also plays a temporary home to long-distance bicyclists passing through the city and is otherwise the general base of operations of GDL en Bici. For more info, see the following links:


March 23, 2024. Puerto Vallarta Tourist Route. Prepare for acycling party in the paradise of #puertovallarta and #bahiadebanderas, with 3 distances to choose from 21km, 72km or 100km. Are you ready for the best recreational cycling event in Jalisco?

The Great Tour GDL (Gran Giro Guadalajara) occurs in May. It is a (160 km / 99 mi) road bike cycling event category cyclosportive, which departs from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The GFNY Zapopan occurs in October. It starts and finishes in the Akron Stadium, also known as Chivas Stadium. Even though the maximum gradients reach just 3%, you will be racing at 1680m elevation, which will add to the challenge. It offers a 126km & 63km itinerary. starts and finishes in the Akron Stadium, also known as Chivas Stadium. Experience the adrenaline of a mass start GFNY race as you race through sights of Zapopan and the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Expect a full show at the finish, such as music bands, DJ, VIP area, pasta party and all the well-known festivities that the GFNY Mexico finish party always offers. 


Follow the Mexican federation for cycling, GDLbici and 33 Club Ciclista to know about upcoming cycling events. 

Tribu Bikers GDL: Join a group of bikers enthusiasts.


TAKE BALLET LESSONS: Michelle Monet Ballet Studio, in Zapopan, offers ballet, barre and Pilates classes.


If you are between the ages of 12-29... You can be part of the 2024 generation of the Academies of #YouthAlternative⚡!

⚡sign up classes are free just arrive 20 minutes before the session starts.

Here all the info and times:


✨ Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17:00 to 18:00 h in CALUC Artistic, Play and Cultural Center 📍Luis Quintero # 670, Quintas del Federalismo.

✨ Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 at 📍Foro Cometa, in the Park of the Girls and Boys, next to the baseball stadium.

✨ Saturdays 12:00 to 14:00 h on La Perla Gdl and also in Parque de la Star 📍 (Lomas de Zapopan) simultaneously.


✨ Monday and Wednesday 18:00 to 20:00 h at Foro Cometa

✨ Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 18:00 h on CALUC Centro Artístico, Lúdico y Cultural

🌪 CONTEMPO BREAK (contemporary dance):

✨ Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:00 at CALUC Centro Artístico, Lúdico y Cultural


Big thanks to contributor bilingual horseback riding teacher Maria Orozco Mafer.

Equestrian sports kick off with great enthusiasm in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where various equestrian competitions will take place as part of the annual tour. There are various disciplines with horses, but the most popular in Guadalajara is show jumping or basic training. The simple act of learning to ride a horse is wonderful, even if one does not want to jump or do something so extreme. That's why equestrian sports are for everyone and provide great physical and emotional benefits.

If you are interested in horse riding and love the world of horses, go sign up for classes, it is a great place, super well-kept, with a lot of green area, its employees love their work for the care of horses and place.

Horseback riding in Bosque Los Colomos

The park has full-size horses as well as ponies for the kids and you can saddle up for a peaceful excursion led by a guide. We paid 100 Mexican pesos (about U.S.$5) for a ride of about 45 minutes through some peaceful woods that seems a far cry from the bustling city. And we even got to ride through the water.  


If you want to get your equipment and feel encouraged to practice this sport with great personalized attention, contact bilingual horseback riding teacher Maria Orozco Mafer at +52 1 33 1267 7078.


In January. Website.

June 8⏰3pm👉CLUB HIPICO LA LOMA camino a totepec 100, tlajomulco de Zuñiga (40min drive from GDL)

🎫$1,000 MXN


Big thanks to our two expats golf pro contributors Ian Robertson and Jake Schario.

Guadalajara boasts a selection of world-class golf courses that cater to both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. Expat Jake Schario explored five of the best golf courses in Guadalajara that will leave you in awe of their impeccable fairways, stunning vistas, and challenging layouts.


Las Cañadas Country Club. The best golf course according to golf expat Jake Schario who wrote a blog on Mexico’s best Golf Courses. Nice well-maintained course. Challenging. Is a full 18 Holes. It is in a valley surrounded by villas so it is narrow. It says members only but if you call the day before you want to play, they will let public members in. Prices vary between $1,650 to 2,250 pesos depending on the date and time you want to play. Monday to Thursday and Sunday are the cheapest days. A power cart is $600 pesos.  Caddies are optional. Great food.

Country Club de Chapala. It is a good wide-open course in good condition with a beautiful view of Lake Chapala. There are only 9 holes, so you play them twice from different tee boxes. Green fees are 1,300 pesos before noon and $850 pesos after noon. $450 pesos after 4 pm. Caddie for nonmembers is mandatory but only $400 pesos.

Rancho Contento Golf Course. The most affordable. About $1,000 pesos. Go during the week. Weekends are crowded due to priority to members. 9 holes.

See prices and hours for each golf club.


The Mexican Open is the national open golf tournament of Mexico occurring in February at Vidanta Vallarta. Get ticketsFirst played 79 years ago in 1944 at the Club de Golf Chapultepec, in 2022, the tournament became an official event on the PGA Tour, with a purse of $7,300,000 and awarding 500 FedEx Cup points to the winner.

Guadalajara is hosting an internationally renowned event: the PGA Tour Américas that will take place from March 28-31⏰Day📍Atlas Country Club. The tournament arises from the merger of two independent international tours 2023: the PGA Tour Latin America and the PGA Tour Canada. The PGA Tour Américas will hold 16 tournaments in seven countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada and the United States.


Caliza Academia: Academia de gimnasia y escalada 🧗‍♀️For kids & adults.


👉 GDL Hikes & Activities (WhatsApp Group): Hello! In this group we connect around hiking and outdoor activities around & outside Guadalajara, Jalisco. Anyone is welcome to organize!

👉 Hike & Outdoors Chapala Activities (WhatsApp Group): For those interested in hiking Lakeside...Ajijic.

👉 Hiking Group SenderismoGdlJal (Private Group): The Hiking Wo~Men hiking group was born in HikingGdlJal. We go hand in hand with you from training to expeditions, rising in category little by little until we reach mountaineering. Everyone is welcome: men, women, children and pets as long as they love nature, going out to enjoy it, walking on it, breathing fresh air, etc...



Where the mountains meet the ocean through the jungle. The great trail running event in Mexico and part of the UTMB World Series, which unites international and elite trail runners with the best road and trail runners in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB brings together the country's top runners on the Mexican Pacific Coast, as well as more than 3,000 passionate runners to participate in one of the 35 UTMB World Series events around the world.


There are several places to kayak in and around Guadalajara. The most popular spots include Lake Chapala, the Vado reservoir, and the Alto Tajo river. Additionally, there are several kayaking tour operators and rental services available in the area.

Lake Chapala: The lake isn't much lauded for its swimming, but getting out on the water is still a must. There are a lot of local companies that offer kayaks + guide for a tour, such as Plus Adventure. If you’d rather explore on your own, just rent kayaks by the hour from one of the hotels or beach clubs, like the eco friendly Tahawi hotel (+52 333 379 2461 for kayak rentals), they have all the equipment you need (paddles, boats, life jackets) for about 5usd an hour. It’s a great way to get up close and see the incredible flora and fauna including a rainbow of lake birds. If you are sticking around any length of time, see the Lake Chapala Kayak Club and it seems like members have extra kayaks they are willing to loan or rent. Might be a nice way to meet some locals.


Join the padel WhatsApp group to learn about events and matches. Download the APP Playtomic - Padel & pickleball (the app that connects you with a rapidly growing community of over 1 million players of padel, pickleball, tennis, and other racket sports). Book a court at:

  • Bounce padel court. +52 33 2255 6714 or Playtonic. $180 mxn.

  • Padel Club GDL: School. Tournaments. Practice. Book your court via app. Avenida Enrique Díaz de León 882, Industrial Belenes, 45150 Zapopan. +52 33 3303 7473. 7 am to 11 pm.

  • Padel Provi Revolución: Saturdays from 5pm to 11pm. Registration deadline on Saturdays at 4:00pm. Av Pablo Neruda 3232, Guadalajara. +52 33 2950 6008. $150 mxn.

  • RoofTop padel club: It is a single court on the Rooftop of the of Gran Plaza Mall, that you access by the elevator. The court and view are good. They are about to open the snack store. There is free underground parking. Calz. Independencia Norte 2175, Independencia, 44379 Guadalajara. 7 am to 11 pm.


Pickle Ball Social Group | GDL:

Pickleball is a racket or paddle sport in which two players or four players hit a perforated, hollow plastic ball with paddles over a 34-inch-high net until one side is unable to return the ball or commits a rule infraction. Pickleball is played indoors and outdoors.


Keep your heart healthy and legs toned whilst you run a marathon in Guadalajara. Start off with a 5k then gradually to 10k and then to running races as long as a half marathon in Guadalajara. There are seasonal races, some for a cause and while some just to keep you on a healthy side.


Guadalajara hosts races of international level attracting runners from all over the world.

FEBRUARY: 21K Half Marathon (🎟️$350 MXN)

The 21K GDL Marathon is a half marathon event taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico, on February 25th, 2024. It starts and finishes at the Glorieta Minerva and runs through the city's main avenues, with around 12,000 participants expected, making it the biggest athletic event of the state of Jalisco. This race has the World  Athletics Gold Label, a distinction that recognizes the highest quality athletic competitions.

Run with us in the 5th edition of the Puerto Vallarta Marathon. A completely renovated circuit with the commitment to be an iconic marathon in Mexico. For this edition we will open the call to offer more prizes in more categories. Register for the 42k Marathon, 21k Half Marathon, 10k Race and 5k Race.

NOVEMBER: The Guadalajara Marathon (🎟️$300 MXN).

The GDL Marathon usually occurs in November 5 and is an annual road marathon organized since 1984. The marathon is a road race with a world elite track and field label and a member of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. It starts and finishes at the Cathedral of GDL).

Other great marathons are the Race Ruta Cañadas (January), the Zapopan International Half Marathon (March), the FOX Races (March), the Run with your Pet Race, Simi Carreras & Puerto Vallarta Marathon (April), the Ixcatán Extreme Race & Las Crucitas Races (May), the International Eucharist Race (May), the Club Atlas Marathon (September), and the 15 varied Marathons of Zapopan and Tlaquepaque.



For more than three decades, the Banderas Bay Regatta has been a source of exciting competition and enjoyment for sailors of all kinds, taking place in the enchanting tropical paradise of Banderas Bay, Mexico. With its pleasant climate and consistent March winds, the protected Bahía de Banderas provides an ideal setting for sailing activities along the Mexican Pacific coast.


As in most Mexican cities, football is played every day in the streets and parks. But the city of Guadalajara is helping push that even further, having established numerous projects to promote sports in schools to teach children healthy lifestyles, develop social values and generate teamwork habits.


Club Deportivo Guadalajara, commonly known as Guadalajara and their nickname Chivas, is one of Mexico's most successful and popular soccer teams, winning numerous championships, and based in Guadalajara. The team was founded by Belgium football player, Edgar Everaert, who arrived in Mexico in 1906. In 1908, with the approval of Everaert and the players, the team was renamed Club Deportivo Guadalajara to reflect a sense of loyalty within Guadalajara's locals. That same year, the team announced that only Mexican-born players could join the team. The team's three colors (red, white and blue) symbolize "Fraternity, Union and Sports".

The Chivas are part of the Liga MX, the highest category of soccer in Mexico. Two short tournaments are played per annual football cycle called Apertura and Clausura. The championship is defined through a final phase after each regular phase, known as the league. The team mascot, as well as their nickname, is the goat or chiva. The Chivas has both a men and women team.

League: Liga MX

Apertura 2023: Regular phase: 5th; Final phase: Quarter-finals

Founded: 8 May 1906; 117 years ago, as Club Union

Arena/Stadium: Estadio Akron

Capacity: 48,071

Colors: Red and White and Blue

PLAYING SEASON: The team plays from late summer to fall at Estadio AKRON located in the Zapopan district of Guadalajara.

GET TICKETS: Website. Tickets start as low as $70 MXN.

Atlas Fútbol Club is a Mexican professional football club based in Guadalajara, Jalisco that currently plays in Liga MX. It plays home matches at the Estadio Jalisco, the third-largest Mexican football stadium behind Estadio Azteca and Estadio Olímpico Universitario with a capacity of 56,713 spectators. Founded in 1916, Atlas has won three league titles and four domestic cups. The Atlas has both a men and women team.

Arena/Stadium: Jalisco Stadium

Capacity: 56,713

Clausura 2023: Regular phase: 9th; Final phase: Quarter-finals

Founded: 15 August 1916; 107 years ago

League: Liga MX

Colors: Red and Blacks

PLAYING SEASON: The team plays from late summer to fall at Estadio Jalisco located in Guadalajara.

GET TICKETS: Website. Tickets start as low as $70 MXN.


Club Atlas (Chapalita)

Club de La Colina (Zapopan – Plaza Patria)

San Javier Club Private, A.C. (Colinia St Javier)

Club Atlas Colomos (Colomos – Zapopan)Futcenter Bugambilias (Bugambilia)

Metrogol (La Estancia)

Enroll in Comude Zapopan schools, football for everyone. Here you will be part of a team, where we will take you from the first touches with the ball to the most epic goals. Be a part of the next generation of outstanding athletes with Renace. Contact them on WhatsApp:

SOCCER CLASS: Every Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm, Ave Las Torres and Malvaste in Zapopan, by Via Recreativa. Free.

Public Soccer Academy for kids from 5-13 years old.

JOIN A SOCCER TEAM: Coming soon!


The City of Guadalajara was a Host City for the 1970 and 1986 FIFA World Cup™ Finals, a football venue during the Mexico 1968 Olympic Games and has hosted the 2011 Pan American Games. Looking ahead, Guadalajara will be among 16 cities to host the ultra-anticipated 2026 FIFA World Cup, solidifying the state's standing as a global sports destination.



Charros Women's Softball in February & March📍Charros Stadium. Tickets start at 🎟️$100 MXN.


Squash Center next to Cititower.Av. México 2534, Ladrón de Guevara, Ladron De Guevara, 44600 Guadalajara.



Club de La Colina (Zapopan – Plaza Patria)

San Javier Club Private, A.C. (Colinia St Javier)

Centro Panamericano de Tenis (Zapopan – Parque Metropolitano)

Atlas Country Club - San Pedro Tlaquepaque


Wed 7:30pm; Sat, Sun 9am: Taiji and Facial Maneuvers @ Parque De Los Paises Bajos with Nicholas. Esquina con Juana de Arco, C. Justo Sierra 2799, Vallarta Nte., 44690 Guadalajara. $200 pesos per session. Just showing up would be fine but best is to send a message on the WhatsApp group for reservation or last minute cancellation.

Attire: Comfortable clothing and sneakers suffice.



GDL has an ideal climate for tennis and GDL GDL is the most important city for tennis events in Mexico. The sport can be found at resorts, hotels and private clubs throughout the city. Both locals and visitors are welcomed on the many facilities both public and private.

Follow all top tennis news by joining:

Download the APP Playtomic - Padel & pickleball (the app that connects you with a rapidly growing community of over 1 million players of padel, pickleball, tennis, and other racket sports).



Every September, experience world-class women's tennis at its finest at the Guadalajara Open AKRON, a prestigious WTA 500-level professional international-level tournament. Held on outdoor hardcourts at the Panamerican Tennis Center in Guadalajara's metro area of Zapopan, this thrilling event continues the success of the 2021 WTA Finals in Guadalajara. Witness the top athletes in women's tennis, such as Jessica Pegula and Caroline Dolehide, compete with unmatched skill and passion. It is held at the Panamerican Tennis Center in Zapopan, located inside the Parque Metropolitano. Website



Guadalajara has hosted the annual Jalisco Open tennis tournament since 2011. The event is part of the ATP Challenger Tour and is played on outdoor hard court  at the Panamerican Tennis Center in Zapopan, located inside the Parque Metropolitano, every year in October.



Guadalajara will host the Davis Cup, Mexico vs. Denmark on February 3, 2024. In 2017, Guadalajara hosted the Davis Cup Americas game and Mexico v Paraguay in the Metropolitan Sports Center.



Website – February – Get tickets


The best ATP Challenger Tour Tournament in the world, brings together the top male tennis players in the heart of Puerto Vallarta's Hotel Zone every March, including 2023 title winner Benoît Paire. 



Club Atlas (Chapalita)

Club de La Colina (Zapopan – Plaza Patria)

San Javier Club Private, A.C. (Colinia St Javier)

Centro Panamericano de Tenis (Zapopan – Parque Metropolitano)

Atlas Country Club - San Pedro Tlaquepaque

Fraccionamiento Raquet Club: San Juan Cosalá (Chapala). The Racquet Club is set into the steep hillside with extraordinary views of the Lake. The club itself, with its tennis courts and clubhouse, is the focal point of this residential area, and streets are named for tennis greats from all over the world – Jimmy Conners, Chris Evert, Raul Ramirez, Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King, among many more.


Public Tennis Courts:

Centro Panamericano de Tenis (Zapopan – Parque Metropolitano)

There are 12 tennis courts and a stadium. The cost is about $100 per hour and there are some hours that are cheaper.


9 courts by Pablo Neruda.


Calle Pompeya and Av Ruben Dario at the Parque Ruben Dario. The cost is about $70 per hour.



Guadalajara hosted the 2016 Pan-American Team Continental Championship and the 2015 Junior Open International badminton competitions. 


JOIN A VOLLEYBALL TEAM: There is a lovely co-ed semi-competitive group that plays volleyball Mon, Wed, Fri. 7:30-9:30pm. The group is looking for a few more fun players to join. Language on the court is Spanish.

Come when you can/want for as long or short as you can.

Location: Parque Club de Leones

Cost is $100 mxn per month whether you play once a month or 3x/week, every week.


Casa Dharma: Your center for human development, psychotherapy, and integral well-being. 🌟Yoga classes 🌟Mental health 🌟Nutrition 🌟Acupuncture 🌟Reiki 🌟Family Constellations Casa Dharma is an alternative health center that offers a wide range of services for holistic well-being.

Mex Mani Fest🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️(🎟️$5000 MXN) March 29-31⏰9 am to 4.30 pm📍Soles Hotel De Montaña Tapalpa

Spend an amazing weekend with simultaneous intensive workshops of different disciplines, from yoga to acro, for different levels, all over the 3 days. It is only 35 minutes away from Tapalpa and it is in a hay forest with a beautiful waterfall. WhatsApp at +52 33 2988 6504.




The velodrome in Guadalajara has hosted events for the Track Cycling World Cup for the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 seasons and the Pan American Masters Course and Track in Jalisco in 2016.


Jalisco has twice hosted the FIVB Beach Volleyball Puerto Vallarta Open in 2015 and 2016 and the Beach Volleyball Open in 2014.




In November 2023, Jalisco hosted the groundbreaking The Gay Games, an Olympic-style event with 22 sporting disciplines, as well as a variety of workshops and panel discussions centered around supporting global LGBTQ+ community members. The 2023 Gay Games marked the first time the event was hosted in Latin America.


The COP BRANDS International Cheerleading Championship, in 2021, Puerta Vallerta, a spirited event with over 2,000 cheerleaders and dancers from six countries.





Jalisco is the birthplace of the Mexican national sport of charrería (sport similar to rodeo). The sport of charreada is considered a "living history" of Mexico and is the national sport. This competitive sport is similar to rodeo and its origins date back to the 19th Century when Mexico's haciendas were widespread throughout the country. The first charreadas evolved from ranch work competitions between neighboring haciendas. Today's charreada consist of nine events, called suertes, designed for men and one event dedicated to women called escaramuza. All of the events use horses and cattle (often incorporating both) and consist of horse riding, roping and cattle handling. An important component of the sport is the traditional charreada clothing which for the men includes a fitted and decorative suit, leather boots with spurs and a sombrero. For the women, the traditional uniform is a colorful and full dress with a sombrero. Two or more teams compete against each other during one charreada match and are judged based on their style and execution throughout the nine events. Live charreada shows are popular in Guadalajara and can be found throughout the city year-round. Guadalajara hosts the Mexican National Charro Championship, held as part of the International Mariachi and Charreria Festival each September. More info!



On Sundays, special charreadas are offered, where you can appreciate various competitions between different teams in the region. Lienzo Charro Jalisco, which is located behind the Agua Azul Park and near the Old Truck Station.


Av. Dr. Roberto Michel 577, Rincón de La Agua Azul, 44460 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Open in Google Maps

Every end of January, Jan 31 to Feb 4, 2024, the PV International Charro Festival📍Puerto Vallarta. Facebook.


Every September, in Jalisco, the International Mariachi and Charrería Festival is organized, an event that will allow you to enjoy two of the greatest cultural manifestations in Mexico.



Lucha Libre is a form of professional wrestling developed in Mexico. This lively sport has become an internationally recognized symbol of Mexican pop culture. The history of Mexican wrestling dates back to 1863 when Enrique Ugartechea, the first Mexican wrestler, developed the Mexican lucha libre style inspired by Greco-Roman wrestling. Today, lucha libre wrestlers are known as luchadores. Each luchador is characterized by a vibrant outfit including a colorful mask. The wearing of masks in lucha libre wrestling has a special significance and matches are sometimes contested in which the loser must permanently remove his mask. Tag team wrestling is especially prevalent in lucha libre, particularly matches with three-member teams, called trios. The sport is made up of various holds and "high-flying" maneuvers. Matches can be won by pinning the opponent to the mat for the count of three, knocking the opponent out of the ring or by disqualification. Lucha libre performances are held at the Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara in Guadalajara's downtown district on Tuesday and Sunday nights.


Website Lucha libre.

Glamour Tuesday. Get tickets.



Let's go, Champs! 🔝🎖

Jalisco is leading the way! Our state proudly boasts the largest number of athletes in the Mexican delegation heading to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, with 17 talented individuals representing a diverse range of disciplines. See full list of athletes:

Jaliscian athletes have been making waves in the Olympic arena since Oscar Bonfiglio's historic debut in Amsterdam in 1928. As we count down to the grand opening of @Paris2024 next Friday, we wish our Mexican delegation and Jalisco's finest athletes all the best for a triumphant performance! 💙


Here are the Top 10 Sports Bars according to Guadalajara Secreta.


Voila! We hope this article will help you practice sports and not miss an important event in GDL. The TWIG team wishes you and amazing chilled day!


  1. Where can I relax in Guadalajara? TWIG recommends a day in nature at Bosque Los Colomos, to catch a movie with a VIP experience at Cinepolis VIP, the best facial at Miel & Leche, meditating at Centro Khamlungpa, read a book in the quiet court of Impronta Casa Editora, or play a board game at La Madriguera, among the best options for a chilled day.

  2. Are there quiet spots to unwind in GDL? Yes! TWIG recommends to find a quiet spot in Bosque Los Colomos, Mirador Independencia Park, or Jardin Botánico.

  3. What are the top recommended chill places by locals in Guadalajara? Ecocentro Providencia, Rancho San Juan Diego, Lakeside Chapala Spas, Casa Habita pool, and Centro Khamlungpa to chill for the day.

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