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Discover the City's Top Sports Teams and Events!

As the birthplace of the Mexican national sport of charrería (sport similar to rodeo), the state of Jalisco's rich sporting history has captivated visitors for decades, and as the region continues to welcome annual experiences, athletics enthusiasts will delight in a variety of thrilling competitions.


The state regularly hosts international tournaments such as the WTA Women Tennis tournament, and Guadalajara will be among 16 cities to host the ultra-anticipated 2026 FIFA World Cup, solidifying the state's standing as a global sports destination.


From traditional Mexican pastimes like charrio and lucha libre to modern baseball and soccer, Guadalajara is the perfect place for all types of sports fans.


In this article you will discover:

⚽The major local teams

🏀The top international events

🏈The best venues to practice sports (adults & kids)

🎉The traditional sports pastimes

🎉The best sports bars


Let’s not wait any longer. Ready for a good game? Let’s go!

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