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Día de Muertos in GDL

A Vibrant Guide to 40+ Must-Experience Events

Officially, the Day of the Dead Holiday (Día de Muertos) is celebrated every year in Mexico from October 31 to November 2, but in beautiful Guadalajara, and most of the country, it truly lasts a full month during which over 40 exciting events occur, from captivating parades to intimate ceremonies. Believe us, you don't want to miss knowing about any of them.

Día de Muertos is the Mexican commemoration of deceased friends and family members. While it's strange for most of us to accept the fact that "death" and "festivities" can go hand-in-hand, for most Mexicans, the two are intricately entwined.

This all stems from the ancient indigenous peoples of Mexico (Purepecha, Nahua, Totonac, and Otomí) who believed that the souls of the dead return each year to visit with their living relatives - to eat, drink and be merry. Just like they did when they were living.

The current practice calls for the deceased children (little angels) to be remembered on November 1st, All Saints Day, with toys and colorful balloons adorning their graves. And the next day, November 2nd, All Souls Day, adults who have died are honored with displays of the departed's favorite food and drinks, as well as ornamental and personal belongings. Flowers, particularly the Cempasúchitl (a Nahuatl word for a special type of marigold) and candles, which are placed on the graves, are supposed to guide the spirits home to their loved ones.

🌟 Día de Muertos is so magical and unique that TWIG has curated a 17 pages report listing the 40+ events, tips to attend them smartly, and all the facts to embrace ancestral traditions.

This report takes countless hours to create and maintain daily throughout the festivities (usually from mid October to mid November).

BE AWARE: Please be understanding that often info are released by venues and the several governments only a few hours or days before. Our red "TBU" means not yet updated from last year. TWIG has no control over when the info are released. However we update our guide daily as we receive info, at NO extra cost to you.

🎟 It is free for all TWIG's members and only $200 MXN (including all updates) for non TWIG members. It is worth every peso, as with this guide you will:

🎊 Discover the 40+ events that bring this iconic tradition to life in GDL

🎊 Plan ahead which events to book tickets for and which to discard

🎊 Get ultimate tips to skip the line or get early bird savings

🎊 Learn the essential about each celebration and ritual

🎊 Be the first one to know what most people miss

🎊 Save days of research and complications for just $200 pesos

This report will be your best ally to experience an unparalleled Día de Muertos in Guadalajara!

Countdown mode = ON! ⏰ The 1st event starts on October 7th and the last ends around November 25th!

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