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Image by Anthony Da Cruz

The anniversary of Mexico’s Independence of 1810 is officially on September 16, but the festivities begin in the evening on September 15th. This marks the beginning of the war in Mexico to free themselves from the Spanish monarchy that ruled for almost 300 years.

On this day, the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rang the church bell in the small town of Dolores, Guanajuato and gathered the community in the town square. In a historic movement, he asked the townsfolk to rise up in arms, thus beginning the rebellion against Spain. Guadalajara played a key role at the beginning of the struggle so celebrations and parades are spectacular in this safer city.

Here's how and where to celebrate in vibrant Guadalajara! Viva Mexico!

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

6.30 PM: The ceremony of the 212th Anniversary of the Cry of Independence will start with the mariachi "Los Tecuexes" on the stage of Plaza Liberación.

  • 19:00 horas: El ballet folklórico de Guadalajara.

  • 19:30 a 21:00 horas: El Mariachi Internacional “CHG de Gamaliel Contreras Huerta”. 

9 PM: The Jalisco Governor will do the Grito de Independencia (Grito de Dolores), followed by a multimedia show on the Plaza de Armas, Zona Centro, so that children and young people accompanied by their families can celebrate together.


9.10-11 PM: At the end of the official events, a stellar show will begin in Plaza Liberación with a concert by the international artist Pepe Aguilar. The singer, originally from Zacatecas, has put the name of Mexico on the best stages in the world through his music.

11 PM: The president of Mexico gives the famous independence grito (cry) from the National Palace in Mexico City. At least half a million people crowd into the zócalo (main plaza), and the rest of the country watches on TV or participates in local celebrations. Tall buildings downtown are draped in the national colors (red, green, and white), and the zócalo is ablaze with lights. Many people drive downtown at night to see the fireworks. Querétaro, Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende, where Independence conspirators lived and met, also celebrate elaborately; the schedule of events is exactly the same in every village, town, and city across Mexico.


HOURS: 6.30 PM to Night

ACCESS: Pedestrian access to will be carried out through the following routes:

  • Juárez, at the intersection with Colón

  • Morelos, at the intersection with Paseo Collado

  • 16 de Septiembre, at the intersection with Independencia

  • Santa Mónica, at the intersection with Hidalgo

Traffic will be closed (until September 16 at 1am) in the polygon that includes Avenida Juárez, Donato Guerra Street, Independencia Street, and Antonio Molina Street.

Public transport service will be extended until midnight. Both the Light Train (in its three lines), as well as the Macrobús and the Peribús, will have special service hours "to facilitate the transfer of users to the different points of the city where there will be patriotic celebrations".

Due to the celebration of the Cry of Independence, the MiBici bicycle ports located in the quadrant where the festivities will take place will be temporarily deactivated, from one in the morning on September 15 and until 5:00 on Friday, September 16.

OTHER OPTIONS: Other options include going to visit the government palace in Tlaquepaque, the esplanade of Plaza de las Americas in the Basilica of Zapopan or to visit the Plaza de Cihuapilli in Tonalá. These three places you will have independence celebrations accompanied by fireworks, traditional Mexican food, mariachi music and the traditional Mexican drink, tequila.

For Lakeside (Ajijic, Chapala) events click here!

The Celebration in Mazamitla is canceled. The mayor of Mazamitla, Jorge Magaña, decided to cancel the celebration of the Cry of Independence in this magical town of Jalisco, due to recent incidents of violence.

TIPS: Keep in mind that it will be crowded. We recommend that you plan ahead and arrive early as streets are closed (see which streets will be closed below) and detours are everywhere. It is recommended that you use small bags, carrying only personal items such as a phone and wallet, in addition to not wearing jewelry or ostentatious items. If you require support, you can request it directly with the uniformed police officers or call 33 1201 6070.

Be careful with the breathalyzer. Breathalyzer modules from the Saving Lives program will be installed in different parts of the city.

OTHER EVENTS on the 15:

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City 5.jpg
Zapopan Sept 15.jpeg
Zapopan Sept 15 2.jpeg
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Image by Anthony Da Cruz

September 16

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

10 AM: The Military Parade Commemorating the Independence of Mexico, will be held Friday, September 16 on Chapultepec Avenue, which will begin on Niño Héroes Avenue and end on Mexico Avenue.


That is all we know for now. Stay tune by checking this page regularly.


TIPS: To have a safe celebration, the Ministry of Public Security shared some recommendations for events within the framework of the Day of the Cry of Independence:

- If you go by car, do not leave valuables inside and close the doors well

- Try not to park in dark and lonely places

- As you walk away, remember to activate the alarm or use security devices If you drink alcohol, don't drive

- Follow the instructions of the authorities Avoid carrying valuables

- If you attend with children, do not lose sight of them. Give them a badge with contact information

-When you arrive at the place, locate the aid stations

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