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Golden TWIG 11/30/22: Telar de Etzatlán about to shine in the Center of Guadalajara ✨

Why? The new attraction is part of the GDL's administration's plan to turn our Historic Center into "The most beautiful Historic Center of the entire Mexican Republic."

When: No exact date was set yet but we expect it to be set up the week of 12/9/2022.

Where: The loom will be located on the first street of the Andador Pedro Moreno, next to the Government Palace.

What history does the Etzatlán Loom have?

  • The Cielo Tejido project, which hangs in the streets of the municipality of Etzatlán, Jalisco, was born in 2017 when Mrs. María Concepción Siordia Godínez, known as Paloma Ron, and her daughter Damiana Lorena, made raffia folders in honor of the Lord of the Mercy, to whom the patron saint festivities are dedicated during October.

  • Made by the hands of 199 weavers from the municipality, it broke the Guinness Record in 2019 with the largest weaving pavilion in the world, which measured 2,832.98 square kilometers.

  • Last year, the weavers from Etzatlán woven 900 square meters, was installed in the Mexico pavilion at the Dubai Expo.

  • Learn more about the largest woven sky in the world

Special tip: See the largest woven sky in the world in the city of Etzatlán, a 90 km drive or 1H15 min, from GDL.

Emotions you may encounter: Awe!

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