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Golden TWIG 11/24/22: Knowing How Blessed We Are

This week, our Golden TWIG (This Week in Guadalajara) goes to knowing how blessed we are ✨What are you thankful for?

Why? On the hundreds of quality each of us possess, I learned that the most important one is our ability to feel Thankful. That single feeling determines your daily degree of inner happiness.

When: Everyday

Where: In your heart & mind

TWIG is very thankful for:

  • Our dear friends: Our best friendships are like the brightest stars in the sky, they help us find our way through the galaxy. > Go out. Cultivate your friendships. Make new friends!

  • Our amazing followers: From not existing last May to blossoming today, TWIG owes it all to YOU our users. You are the inspiration, the reward, and the supporters behind our hard work.✨ No garden will flourish without water of love.

  • Guadalajara: This beautiful city satisfies all our senses and we strive helping it shine! > Go out. Discover or Re-discover this vibrant cosmopolite city!

  • The Celebrations: We are looking forward to celebrate with good friends today at the AMSOC Thanksgiving Lunch & at our amazing friend Chef Michelle!!!

  • Thankful for TWIG? Take a minute to write us a nice Google review!

Special tip for being more grateful: Every day, say aloud (or write in your gratitude journal) three good things that happened. > It's never too late to start :)

Emotions you may encounter: Profound happiness.

For more wonderful events occurring in Guadalajara now (from unique events and dinners to concerts, museums and festivals) check regularly or subscribe to We are on Instagram: @thisweekinguadalajara and Facebook: @thisweekinguadalajara. See our Google reviews and add yours!

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Contact us anytime you have ideas and suggestions. Together we are making TWIG the most comprehensive guide for all Entertainment in Guadalajara!


Armelle, Nidia, and the TWIG Team!


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